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How to Submit Volunteer Hours

     Families will be entering their volunteer hours through, Skyward.
Families will enter their volunteer hours through the student management system, Skyward.  The Skyward login screen is located at:

The screen will look like the following:


Skyward Login

If you have forgotten you login or password, click on the Forgot your Login/Password.  This will send information to your email.  Make certain to use the email address which was given to the school as your primary email address.


Once you have logged in, you will want to select “Online Forms”.  The screen will look like:


Online Form Menu
Once “Online Forms” is selected you will see available forms for your students.  There you will see a “Volunteer Hours” form for each student.  It is the same form.  Choose “Fill Out Form” from the first student in the list. 
Fill Out Form
The following will be seen:
Volunteer Hours
Click on “Enter Volunteer Hours”.  You will then see a screen like:
Volunteer Hours
Click on “View Full Screen”.  You will then see a screen like below:
Volunteer Hours
On each line, enter the date of the activity (mm/dd/yyyy), the number of hours, and select the activity in the Volunteer Activity location. NOTE: If you select “Other”, you will need to scroll down and enter the date and type in the activity for the those “other” hours. That portion of the form is shown below.
Please note that there are a limited number of lines for entry, so please combine volunteer activities when possible.  For example, if you volunteer at recess every week, you could enter all of your recess hours for a month on one line.
Volunteer Hours
Unless you have completed the 40 hours, you will then click “Exit Full Screen” and click “Close and Finish Later”. When more hours need to be added, come back to the same form and simply add those activities and hours to the same form. Do not delete previous entries but rather keeping adding more entries on additional lines.
Volunteer Hours