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Used Uniforms

USED UNIFORMS are sold during the Summer, Winter and Spring Sale. These sales are posted via the School Bulletin and usually held on a scheduled day after school from 3-6pm. Please contact me at for more information.


Welcome to St Louise Used Uniforms


How can I purchase a used uniform?
Used uniforms are offered through our Uniform Sales. Announcements of the sales can be found in the Family Bulletin. We have a Summer Sale, Winter Sale and Spring Sale. For any questions email me at

How can I donate a uniform?
Donate all your used uniform items by sending them to the front office in a closed (stapled or taped shut) bag marked "ATTN: Used Uniforms".

What can I expect at Uniform Sales? Uniform Sales are the way to purchase a used uniform. The Summer Sale is always the biggest, so come early to line-up.We do have a sale in the winter and in the spring - so there will always be opportunities to stock up on uniforms. Bring your plaid girls uniforms & red acrylic sweaters (pull over or cardigan) and get in early!

What uniforms do you carry? What sizes do you have?
What we have is dependent on what has been donated - from girls plaid uniforms (skirt, skorts & jumpers) to acrylic cardigans, vests, pullovers and sweatshirts.The smaller sizes are always in high demand.

Do you carry adult sizes?
Yes, adult fleeces and vests are in stock and always available.

How does the Used Uniform Program work?
All the St. Louise School fleece, uniforms and other items are made available by families who kindly donate their uniforms that may no longer fit. To keep this program strong please donate your uniforms!

What is the benefit for turning in uniforms?

At Summer Sale this will mean early entrance to the sale. During Winter and Spring Sales it will lower your purchase price of the same item by 25% !!

Those that do not donate do not have these options.


Should I donate other uniform items such as pants, shirts, shorts? How about Sports gear?
Please only donate shorts, pants, shirts that are new or nearly brand new. Kindly only turn in items that are in very good condition. We do accept sports gear in clean good condition. Also PE shoes. Thank you!
Where do the proceeds go?The proceeds go to the St. Louise Parents' Club to support many school projects and activities.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Feel free to contact Used Uniform Chair Marisa Riffe at or
Thank you!



Used Uniform Prices vs New
$  5 Fleece Vest (vs $30 new)

$10 Red Sweater Vest (vs $30 new)
$10 Fleece (Black Zipper)
$10 Red Pull Over  (vs $35 new)
$15 Red Cardigan (vs $40 new)
$20 Fleece (Red Zipper)(vs $45)
$20 Girls Uniforms (vs $50 new)


25% off Uniform Trade-Ins: Only during the Winter and Spring Sale we offer a discount for turning in your  acrylic sweaters (pull over or cardigan) or girls plaid. When you donate those items you can purchase the same type item for 25% off.

·        Example: Donate one girls plaid, purchase one girls plaid at 25% off