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Student Learning Expectations

     Student Learning Expectations - otherwise known as SLEs - are expectations that our students should know, understand, value, and be able to do by the time they graduate from St. Louise School. 
A St. Louise Student Is…
An Active Christian Who
1.1       Seeks to develop a personal relationship with God as demonstrated by living out Gospel values and participating in liturgies, sacraments, and daily prayer.
1.2       Knows Roman Catholic teachings and traditions and has a working knowledge of the Bible.
1.3       Actively participates in the service for which God calls us.
A Life-Long Learner Who
2.1       Demonstrates a solid academic foundation while using problem solving techniques, technology, critical thinking and study skills.
2.2       Communicates effectively through writing, speaking, and listening.
2.3       Exhibits enthusiasm for learning, including the ability to connect learning with life experiences.
A Well-Balanced Individual Who
3.1       Practices positive social skills by taking responsibility for one’s own actions and showing respect.    
3.2       Develops mind, body, and spirit by experiencing the arts and participating in physical activity.
3.3       Sets goals and implements steps to achieve them.
A Community Member Who
4.1       Honors the gifts of others and values the dignity of each person.
4.2       Shows awareness of local, national, and international events.
4.3       Accepts leadership roles and collaborates with others.