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 It’s Procurement/Donation Season!

We thank you for your time and energy in purchasing, procuring and donating great items for us to package and sell at this year’s big event! Please see the Wish Lists and Registries on the Procurement Page to the right for the items we really need. Also, don’t forget that you can purchase and donate Charger Cards! 


Save the Date

Join us on May 19, 2018 for our Annual Deck Party! Enjoy time together with your St. Louise friends and enjoy desserts, wine and beer. You can also purchase tickets to the Auction at a reduced price, and purchase Tuition Raffle tickets (only 200 will be sold, so get yours early!).


Key Dates

May 19th: 3rd Annual Deck Party

May 31st: Procurement forms (online or paper) due

June 15th: Half Tuition Raffle Winner Drawn

September 17th: All promised items due to the Auction office



Auction Date is November 10, 2018

More details coming soon! 

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