Early Application Period for 2018-19 Admissions ends February 15, 2018.

St. Louise School

Application Procedures & Forms

1. Commencing in December, families interested in applying for the 2018-19 school year may begin the application process.  The early application period for accepting the application paperwork from new families is February 1 through February 15.  Applications submitted during this period will be given priority over later applications.
2. The first step in the application process is to contact the school office to make an appointment to meet with an administrator - vice-principal Mike Fuerte or principal Dan Fitzpatrick.  You may also choose to schedule a class observation on a Tuesday morning in December, January, or February.  Your meeting with an administrator should be scheduled to coincide with the observation.
3. At your meeting with an administrator, you will receive two required application forms:
4. A third required form - the Student Application and Emergency Information Form – is to be completed online at http://www.stlouiseschool.org/application
5. The fourth required form we need for your application is the Parent Contract.  It is to be completed and returned to our school office with the appropriate application fee paid online HERE.  Note that this initial application fee is non-refundable - but only has to be paid once in your "career" at St. Louise.
6. If your child is entering grades 1-8, please also give us copies of your child's final report card from last June (2016-17), and his/her most recent report card(s) from the fall and/or winter of this current school year (2017-18).
7. We also request your child’s most recent standardized test scores. If recent test scores are not available, we may want to do some testing at our school. Additionally, applicants for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade may be interviewed by an administrator and/or a teacher. You will be notified if testing or interviewing is necessary.
8. Applicants for kindergarten will be assessed for kindergarten readiness by the kindergarten teachers around the first week of March. The school office will call parents after the February application period to set up an appointment for one of these assessment dates.  Kindergarten applicants must be recommended for admittance by our kindergarten teachers after this assessment.
(Note: Students entering kindergarten must be 5 years old on or before August 31. Students entering first grade must be 6 years old on or before August 31.)
9. After the entire application process is completed, you will be notified whether or not your child is admitted or if he/she is in an admission waiting pool due to a large number of applicants. The order of preference for admitting children who apply during the official application period is detailed in our accompanying admissions policy. If your child is admitted to St. Louise, at that time you will complete the EFT Form (Authorization for Direct Tuition Payments), which will begin your automatic monthly payments in July.
If you have any more questions or need more information, please contact our school secretaries, Lola Bazan and Mindy Morgan, at 425-746-4220. Again, thank you for your interest in St. Louise Parish School, and we look forward to meeting you.
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