Tuition Rates



GRADE K-8 TUITION                                           CONTRIBUTING PARISHIONER                          NON-PARISHIONER OR NON-CONTRIBUTING PARISHIONER

one K-8 child                                                        $8,580 -or- $715 per month                               $11,820 -or- $985 per month                                         

two K-8 children                                                  $15,264 -or- $1,272 per month                         $22,284 -or- $1,857 per month                                  

three or more K-8 children                                $20,220 -or- $1,685 per month                         $32,544 -or- $2,712 per month   


PRE-KINDERGARTEN TUITION                                                                                                                                            

one Pre-K child – half days                                $5,928 -or- $494 per month                               $5,928 -or- $494 per month                                  

one Pre-K child – extended days                      $9,756 -or- $813 per month                               $9,756 -or- $813 per month        


* A family must meet the following minimum standards in order to qualify for the St. Louise Parish Contributing Parishioner tuition rate:

  • Be registered in St. Louise Parish with a completed census form on file with the parish office;
  • Regularly participate in Sunday Eucharist, gathering as a parish community to worship;
  • Demonstrate a consistent amount of financial support to the parish by completing an annual stewardship commitment card and fulfilling that commitment through regular contributions

- OR-

A family may qualify for the Contributing Parishioner tuition rate if arrangements have been made with the pastor or business administrator of a neighboring, financially supporting parish of St. Louise. These parishes include Mary, Queen of Peace Parish (Sammamish), Holy Innocents Parish (Duvall), St. Teresa of Calcutta Parish (Woodinville), St. Jude Parish (Redmond) and St. Anthony Mission (Carnation). Please contact your parish administrator for more information.

Parent Contracts are emailed specifically to parents for them to sign electronically.
Below is a SAMPLE contract.