Volunteering Opportunities

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We use the familiar SignUpGenius app-process to list the dozens of school programs and events needing parent volunteers throughout the school year. We ask every school family to please go to our St. Louise SignUpGenius site: http://www.stlouiseschool.org/signup and scroll through all the opportunities to be involved with your child’s school while assisting the teachers, staff, and program/event chairpersons who need your volunteer help in order for their programs and events to take place.
Some volunteer opportunities are limited, due to having only spaces for a few parents to help, so it would be a good idea to not procrastinate, but to start signing up now for your volunteer positions. Later, the staff member or fellow parent who is in charge of the volunteer job for which you signed up, will contact you.

If you have any questions about signing up or about volunteer requirements, you may contact the Parents' Club Volunteer Coordinator or Mr. Fuerte.

We also list volunteer opportunities on a regular basis in the Thursday Bulletin and via individual teachers’ newsletters or staff members’ emails. But with our own SignupGenius school account, we have a real-time method for having a continual listing of volunteer positions that have not been filled and are waiting for the generous, talented St. Louise parent community to take on.

Regarding the process for recording your volunteer hours throughout the school year, when you are ready to log your hours as you start your volunteer position, you do this at the “submit hours” link at https://web.stlouiseschool.org/volunteerhours. Remember, you are expected each school school to please volunteer for at least 40 hours from July through June.

Thanks in advance for the time and energy you give in a myriad of ways to St. Louise Parish and School.