The “School Policies and Guidelines" document lists our uniform guidelines so make sure you read it carefully so as to purchase the correct clothing.

You may buy new uniforms online through our official supplier, Dennis Uniforms, by clicking on the logo below.
     Many of the uniform pieces may be purchased at a variety of clothing stores, not just at Dennis. And don't forget that we suggest you first purchase Charger Cards and then go shopping at these clothing stores so you can buy clothes by using your Charger Cards. Charger Cards even sells a card for Dennis!
     Our Parents’ Club’s Charger Gear program is the supplier of the optional Friday-only-wear. Whereas, the traditional, red school sweaters and fleece sweaters may be worn on any school day, the Friday-only-wear (e.g. track jackets, quarter-zip tops, hoody sweatshirts - all with the St. Louise logo)  are sold exclusively by Charger Gear and can be worn every Friday in place of the traditional school sweater or fleece sweater.
     Charger Gear has in-person sales a few times during the year, such as at the Summer Sale and a Christmas-time sale. You may visit their webpage HERE.
     Used Uniforms (pre-owned) may be purchased through the school's "Used Uniforms" program, where you can find more information HERE.