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Thanks to recent 8th grade graduate Jack Sharp for filming and producing this video (click on title above) that gave visitors a chance to see what St. Louise School looked like even though the school building was recently closed from March through June. Even with school resuming for online-learning in September, our school building has reopened for in-person tours for prospective new school families. Please contact to set up your in-person tour with one of our administrators, Mr. Fuerte or Mr. Fitzpatrick.
Pre-K Opens for In-Person Schooling this September! Featured Photo

Pre-K Opens for In-Person Schooling this September!

Our Pre-K program for 4-year-olds is not considered in the same category as K-12 schools for government regulations and as such, Pre-K programs in schools have not been directed by either the state or the Archdiocese to shut down their in-person teaching and go to a distance-learning model. Thus, St. Louise School WILL be able to hold Pre-K class sessions IN-PERSON on our campus, beginning the first week of school in September!

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Updates on In-Person Learning & Online-Learning

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Our Reopening Plan with Precautions & Special Procedures addresses everything for when we reopen and bring back the grade K-5 students for in-person learning on September 28, joining our PreK students who have been on campus since the first of the month. As you will read, our reopening plan is well thought-out, very detailed, and provides assurance to parents and staff that St. Louise will be a secure, healthy place for students and employees! With our spacious classroom areas, small numbers of students in our PreK-5 homerooms (averaging 14 students), and disciplined, rule-following children, we are perfectly set up to be able to safely run school in-person during this time of COVID-precautions.
As for the date our grade 6-8 children will be able to return to our building, King County's current COVID-infection numbers are trending in a good direction, and when we have 14 straight days of 25 or less COVID-cases per 100,000 of the county population, we can plan for our middle school students to return. In the meantime, grade 6-8 students will continue learning online from 10:00-4:30 daily. We have created a well-structured, rigorous, but common sense schedule for daily teaching & learning to take place online for middle school. Please read about it here: St. Louise School's 2020 Online-Learning Plan.
We applaud the efforts from parents, students, and teachers to make online-learning succeed! But knowing that in-person learning is the best approach for our kids, we thank our parents, students, and teachers for their willingness to work with our special procedures, even though some may seem bothersome or unfamiliar. The St. Louise School community is comprised of such a terrific trio that we have every confidence we can pull off a successful reopening of our building! It’s been a long six months of waiting!