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Emergency Preparedness & Closing School/Delaying School Start Time

Have You Made Plans In the Event of an Emergency?
A main concern in our area is a natural disaster such as a earthquake,  fire,  or severe storm .  So what can you do to prepare for this event? Here is one idea the EPC has:   Consider an out of area point of contact. If you are separated from your loved ones when disasters strike, you immediately will wonder how and where they are. The stress of the event may make it difficult to remember even routine information, like phone numbers. Consequently, it’s recommended that every household member have an out-of-area contact card in a wallet, purse, or backpack at all times. Here’s a web page with more information: http://www.emd.wa.gov/preparedness/documents/piy_out_of_area.pdf
Besides developing your plan to communicate outside the area to a relative or friend, you should consider how to communicate with your family in town.  One thing to think about is to decide on places to meet in case you cannot meet at home.  Many emergency information sources call it a “rally point.” 
As a start for your family, it’s recommended to have at least two possible rally points just outside your neighborhood to meet family in case access to your home is restricted. It’s also recommended to have two rally points additionally just outside of your neighborhood to meet in case access to your whole neighborhood is restricted. As an example:  If you pretended St Louise was your home, just outside your home the sidewalk outside the Main Street entrance could be one rally point, and the sidewalk outside the 156th Avenue entrance could be another rally point. Then for choosing just outside the neighborhood, the main entrance to the Lake Hills Library south of St. Louise on 156th could be one rally point, and the Walmart on Main Street could be another rally point.
Consider Joining the School's Emergency Preparedness Committee
The Saint Louise Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) is a parent lead committee commissioned as an advisory and action committee for emergency preparedness issues for Saint Louise School.  Periodically they will provide education to school families about preparedness suggestions.
The goals of the Saint Louise Emergency Preparedness Committee include a continued safe and secure environment for our Saint Louise School “family.” Joe Dickinson is the chair for the committee, and if you would like to discuss this topic or have additional thoughts please contact us at [email protected] or drop a note in the Emergency Preparedness Committee mailbox in the school office.



Closure or Delay of School

St. Louise Parish School may close in the event of extreme weather conditions or unforeseen emergencies.  The principal will determine whether to close or delay the opening of school, and will be responsible for broadcasting this announcement through an emergency messaging system which allows the school to send a voice message, text message, and email message to the multiple contact information the parent has on file with the school.


Procedures: Parents should not phone or email the school during (snow) days when there might be a closure or delay in school opening, but instead, should check their voicemails, emails, and/or texts.  Parents in certain geographical areas (such as with hills) may make a prudent decision based upon the weather about attending school, even if school will be in session.  During school hours, should heavy snowfall begin or other "Acts of God" take place which may require early dismissal of school (such as a power outage or earthquake), announcements will be broadcast through the emergency messaging system.


Emergency Messaging System Instructions: St. Louise School uses “BrightArrow” as a notification system for emergency messages or important announcements, such as school closures due to weather. This system allows the school to send a voice message, text message, and email message to the multiple contact information the parent has on file with the school. A parent may choose to update or edit this contact information (e.g. limit which phone numbers or email addresses are used for emergency messaging; add additional contact information) by logging into BrightArrow at https://target.brightarrow.com/portallogin.aspx?PortalKey=5AF0B3D4-429B. To do this, the parent must register a login account with the system as detailed in the link below regarding School Closures of Delayed Starts...