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Closure or Delay of School
     St. Louise Parish School may close in the event of extreme weather conditions or unforeseen emergencies. In case of an emergency, St. Louise School uses TEXTING and EMAILING to communicate with parents. The principal will determine whether to close or delay the opening of school, and will broadcast this announcement using the contact information each parent has on file with the school.
     Emergency Messaging System Instructions: You may opt-in to our emergency texting service by texting the word "YES" to 79041. Sign up to receive texts from St. Louise School during emergencies such as school closures, delays and lockdowns. 
     Procedure: Parents should not phone or email the school during (snow) days when there might be a closure or delay in school opening, but instead, should check their voicemails, emails, and/or texts. Parents in certain geographical areas (such as with hills) may make a prudent decision based upon the weather about attending school, even if school will be in session. During school hours, should heavy snowfall begin or other "Acts of God" take place which may require early dismissal of school (such as a power outage or earthquake), announcements will be broadcast through the emergency messaging system.
Have You Made Plans In the Event of an Emergency?
     A concern in our area is natural disasters such as a earthquake, fire, or severe storm. What can you do to prepare for these events? It depends! Visit the Washington Emergency Management Division for more information on disaster preparedness. It is important to have these discussions before you are separated from your loved ones during an emergency, where phone lines may be down or busy. 
Consider Joining the School's Emergency Preparedness Committee
     The Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) is a parent-led committee commissioned that serves as an advising and action committee for St. Louise School's disaster preparedness plan. Periodically, they will provide opportunities for school families to learn about about emergency preparedness. The ECP's goals include maintaining a safe and secure environment for our Saint Louise School "family." If you have additional thoughts, questions, or would like to discuss this topic more please contact us at [email protected] or drop a note in the EPC mailbox in the school office.