Tuition Assistance


St. Louise Parish School is committed to make a Catholic school education accessible to our current and prospective school families by providing tuition assistance grants.  The decision to award grants is determined by the school after parents complete the necessary online application through FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. We strongly encourage any family who has a financial need to complete the application at


Please note: In typical years, applications submitted by April 15, are more likely to receive assistance for the upcoming school year, but because of our unique and unsettling COVID-situation, we have waived this deadline. Since we are in strange times with uncertainty in some families’ budgets and parents’ employment, we realize there may be some school families who didn’t apply for tuition assistance by April, but since find themselves needing aid. Because of our COVID-situation, and because we are sympathetic to families’ difficulties, St. Louise School is opening up a second allotment of financial aid to new applicants who apply from May 1 through August 1.


St. Louise Parish School tuition assistance grants provide financial aid to approximately 10% of our students each school year.  Families receiving tuition assistance are typically asked to pay part of the actual cost of tuition; "full scholarships" are infrequently awarded. These tuition assistance grants are based solely on financial need. Families who receive tuition assistance grants are still asked to fulfill their other financial obligations to the school and parish - admissions application fee, school fund raiser contributions, and church stewardship commitment. 


If a tuition assistance grant will help make a Catholic school education accessible to your child(ren), please complete the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment application online, pay the $29 application fee, and upload the required supporting documentation. The fee collected by FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment is to compensate this company for the financial aid assessment and advisory services they provide St. Louise Parish School. The $29 fee is non-refundable, even if you are not awarded a tuition assistance grant.


FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment will analyze your application using an algorithm involving your income and expenses, and then provide both the Fulcrum Foundation and the St. Louise Finance Committee with a recommended amount of tuition assistance need your family has. Both Fulcrum and St. Louise separately use this recommendation to make their decisions on which applicants will receive grants and, if so, how much assistance they will receive. All information you provide remains confidential; only our school bookkeeper and principal will have access to the names and other identifying information on the applications

You will be notified by St. Louise School if you have been awarded a St. Louise Tuition Assistance Grant, and the school bookkeeper will inform you what your reduced monthly tuition payments will be for the new school year.


The directions for filling out the application to be considered for tuition assistance are stated online at It is essential that this application is filled out completely; leave no shaded boxes blank.  It is also essential that virtual copies of your most recent Federal Income Tax Form 1040 and virtual copies of your W-2 Wage and Tax Statements, along with additional documents as required per the instructions, are downloaded to FACTS.

Please note: If you have filed for an extension with the IRS beyond their April 15th deadline, you are allowed to use your previous year's tax forms/statements instead for documentation for your tuition assistance application. Please explain this in your application. Additionally, please explain in your application if your coming year’s income will be drastically reduced from your 2019 income due to COVID-related impacts.


If you have questions, please contact FACTS directly at 866-441-4637, and/or contact the Fulcrum Foundation at, and/or contact our bookkeeper, Angie Ogilvy at