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Summer READING for Students Entering Grades K-8

     Seeing how summer reading is associated with higher achievement, here are our plans at St. Louise School for required summer reading this June through August:
  • St. Louise students entering grades K-5 are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to do daily summer reading.
  • St. Louise students entering grades 6-8 are REQUIRED to do summer reading of specific novels and complete written assignments.
For students entering grades K-5, you'll find suggestions for summer reading, including recommended books, authors, and online resources in the attachment below. Your teachers suggest you read 20 minutes a day this summer. That doesn't have to be 20 minutes straight; but it should be 20 minutes as a minimum daily total. And this is to done every day…of every week…of every month of summer vacation – in June, July, and August.
For students entering grades 6-8, the middle school teachers have prepared lists of specific novels from which you must choose for summer reading. The teachers have also developed written assignments, to be completed after the reading and due on the first day of language arts class in September. Please locate your grade 6-8 reading list and written assignment on the attachment below. Please don't wait until August to start your reading, as not only will some books not be available to check-out at the library or to purchase by then, but it may take longer than you think to read through some novels. Start your summer reading the same month summer officially begins - in June!