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Summer Camps and Programs

As you plan for all the fun and exciting adventures your children will be having over the summer, please keep in mind that summer is also an excellent opportunity to keep inquisitive minds active and engaged! Research shows that summer learning loss equals at least one month of instruction. Knowing this causes parents and teachers to think about how to best keep academic skills sharp over the summer while also using the time to improve upon or master some lagging academic skills.

Please see the attached document - Summer Camps and Programs - for a list of opportunities for enriching summer learning and fun for grades Pre-
K – 12 Please take a moment to explore the possibilities. Gone are the days when summer learning was dreaded and boring. Summer programs in the 21st century offer enriching, engaging, and exciting topics ranging from hands-on educational programs to taking an Island Adventure or discovering Wacky Water right here at Chargers’ Adventure Summer Camp on the St. Louise campus. If you have any questions, please contact our student support teacher, Melissa Cantu (