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Summer KEYBOARDING for Students Entering Grades 3-7

Keyboarding skills are essential in today's technology dependent learning environment, starting as early as the primary grades in elementary school.  Without proper keyboard instruction and frequent practice, many children develop poor fingering habits which will end up slowing down their daily learning experiences. Keyboarding is practiced and promoted in grades K-6 at St. Louise Parish School in weekly computer classes. Students learn to type using the QWERTY keyboard, and proper keyboard finger placement is emphasized.   The level of speed and accuracy expected by our computer teachers increases as the children develop in age and finger dexterity. 


Practicing proper keyboarding fingering over the summer will help your child continue to develop fundamental typing skills as well as preventing him or her from reverting to poor fingering habits.


Just as learning to play a sport or an instrument with correct form is vital, it’s also essential that students use the correct finger positions on the keyboard to build accurate muscle memory. While students are practicing, parents are encouraged to observe and guide their children to use the fingering shown in the diagram below.


We are requiring that every St. Louise student entering grades 3-7 put in a minimum number of minutes of keyboarding practice at least 5 days a week, using the online keyboarding programs listed below.


  • Students have log-in credentials on these programs:
    • Student’s user name format: The user name consists of the student’s entire last name + the 1st two letters of the student’s 1st For example, if a student’s name is Louise Marillac, the user name would be marillaclo(This is not case sensitive.)
    • Student’s password: The password for all students is password1. (This is case-sensitive.)
  • Each student’s progress will be tracked by their computer teacher during the summer. The successful completion of this summer keyboarding assignment will be incorporated in each grade 3-6 student’s 1st trimester grade for computer class. For students entering grade 7, this keyboarding assignment will be incorporated in their social studies class grade for the 1st trimester.

Next Year’s Grade

Go to This Website for the Online Keyboarding Program

Minimum Daily Typing Practice


5 minutes


6 minutes


7 minutes


8 minutes


10 minutes

**The Typing Instructor programs require Adobe Flash.