Charger Cards

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St. Louise Gift Card Fundraising 

     The CHARGER CARDS fundraising program via RaiseRight is available to all school families, parishioners, and school supporters. By shopping directly with Raiseright with over 750 top brands your purchases earn rebates to our school. Each school family has a minimum amount of rebate to earn or contribute to the school as outline in your parent contract. Individual families who exceed their minimum rebate contribution can reduce their own tuition expenses in the next school year or can donate contribution overage to our Father Phil Endowment Fund.
     As individuals, you can purchase gift cards online or in-person at the school or church to celebrate birthdays, holidays or give thanks. Check with your place of employment if they would like to place a bulk order, as gift cards are a wonderful way to motivate and thank employees. Daily, weekly, or monthly purchases made with Raiseright, such as gas, coffee or groceries helps to raise funds for our school. As an organization, we purchases gift cards (referred to as "Charger Cards") at a discount and resells them at face value, during school and Church events.
     With your generosity and shift in shopping habits, our school purchased over $1M through the Charger Card program in the last school year. 

How to apply to charger cards

Ordering Online
     Ordering Online is contactless and convenient to use. Visit to create an account and/or download the RaiseRight mobile app to easily order, track your spending and rebate amount. 
New to St. Louise or RaiseRight?
     Review our video tutorial or fill out and turn in one of the forms below to quickly set up your account. Please note in order to set-up your online account you will need to email: [email protected] for our school's enrollment code.
Already a ShopWithScrip user?
     Download the RaiseRight app using your same Scrip log-in information and see your gift card history and payment information automatically transfer. 
In-Person Ordering*
  • Charger Card window is open from 8:30am to 9:30am every Monday and Friday.
    • Located in the hallway, through the glass doors to the left of the Church entrance.
    • Cash, credit cards or checks are accepted.
    • Limited to gift cards currently in stock.
  • School Office 
    • Complete the Drop Off Order Form and turn it in to the school office.
    • The Charger Card team will notify you when your order is ready for pick up.
  • After Church
    • After the 9am mass on the last Sunday of the month 
    • Look for the Charger Card pop-up station just outside the main church entrance.
Charger Card Forms and Information
Participation Form
Every school family fills out the Participation Form one time designating participation in
the program and where additional contributions will go.
Info needed to register for online card purchase. Online registration is requested for every family. Family/friends may also register and have accounts linked to STL family for rebate accrual!
Order form for drop off/pick up from school office.
Order form to place four weeks at a time. 
This document explains how you can reload your cards through the program.
Want to give a Charger Card to your child's teacher or a school staff member?
Frequently asked questions about the Charger card program.
Charger card information and policies for current school year. 
Watch the ShopWithScrip Instructional Videos

Questions? Please contact the Charger Cards Chairs at [email protected].