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NOTE FOR NEW FAMILIES: We have had to update our enrollment code, and can no longer publish it online. Please contact to request our ShopWithScrip enrollment code. Thank you!


Welcome to Charger Cards!

St. Louise Parish School offers the CHARGER CARDS fundraising program to all school families, parishioners, and school supporters. As a school organization, we are able to buy gift cards (referred to as "Charger Cards") at a discount and resell them at face value, thereby raising funds for St. Louise.
For example, the school will buy $100 value of Starbucks cards for $93. Charger card program sells them at the face value of $100 so the school earns $7 for each $100 sold. Thousands of retailers participate so it is possible for every family to easily participate without buying or spending any “more” than they would spend in their everyday lives. The idea of the charger card program is to encourage families to purchase and use gift cards for things they would normally buy in their usual routine spending. This is a program that encourages a change in “how” you purchase, not “what” you purchase.
Each school family has a minimum amount of rebate to earn or contribute to the school. Once the minimum contribution from your family to the school has been met, additional rebates earned may be applied toward your own tuition payments for the ensuing year or to our Father Phil Tuition Assistance Endowment Fund.
Thank you to all St. Louise families for making the St. Louise Charger Card program the largest scrip program in Washington State. Our school purchased over $1,000,000.00 through the Charger Card program in the last school year! This program not only supports St. Louise school operating expenses but our program is unique in providing individual families who exceed their minimum rebate contribution with an opportunity to reduce their own tuition expenses or make a donation to the Father Phil Endowment Fund.

Charger cards may be ordered in many ways:

  1. Online (preferred method) –
    • If you are a new St. Louise family or have not yet registered online, please use the Online Registration Directions form. We recommend families try the new mobile website. connects to with the convenience of mobile ordering. New features make it easier than ever to earn on and perfect for late night ordering.
       With a variety of updates, you can now:
      • Enroll and set up online payments (PrestoPay™)
      • Order all card types—physical gift cards, reloads, and eGift cards (ScripNow®). Scripnow orders can be placed and used 24/7!
      • Use filters to search and add partners to your Favorites for quicker access
      • Pay online or by check
      • Add a reloadable card 
      • Easily access order history
      Setting up an online account is the equivalent of setting up a Groupon + PayPal style account. It will take a few hours for your account to be fully accessible but only requires set up one time for the entire duration of your St. Louise years.
  2. Standing order –
  3. Drop off order –
  4. In person –
    • The 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month after both 7:30am and 9am masses, just outside the main church entrance.
    • Charger Card office “window” during office hours (Mondays/Fridays)
      • Fridays 8:15am – 9:00am
      • The Charger Card office is located in the hallway, near the entrance to the Church. Look for the lime green rug!
      • Stop in and choose from a selection of cards on hand!
    • Church on Sundays
    • At school special events – see school bulletin for specific times and dates

Charger Card Forms and Information:

Participation Form
Every school family fills out the Participation Form one time, designating how they will be participating in Charger Cards and to where additional contributions will go
Info needed to register for online card purchase. Online registration is requested for every family. Family/friends may also register and have accounts linked to STL family for rebate accrual!
Order form for drop off/pick up from school office
Order form for monthly standing order. Great for monthly basics like groceries, gas, Starbucks, etc.
Order form to place 4 weeks of order
This document explains how you can reload your cards through the Charger Card Scrip program
Want to give a Charger Card to your child's teacher or a school staff member as a birthday or Christmas gift? We know their favorite cards!
Document containing frequently asked questions about the Charger card program.
Optional form - only needed if family uses credit/debit to purchase cards
Charger card information and policies for current school year. This document was mailed to all STL families at the beginning of the year.

Accessing Charger cards online

Online access is the most accessible method of purchasing and accessing the Charger Card program.
The Charger Card program uses Please see the Online Registration Directions form to get started.

Here are some tips and recommendations for gaining the most from the online Charger Card program for both the school and your individual family.

  • Invite friends or family who may (or may not live locally) to create an online account and link their purchases to your family rebate account. Please email once they are registered so we can link them to your family account. This is a great way for family or friends to help support St. Louise and/or help you reduce your child’s tuition expense!

  • SPECIALS: Check the “Specials” page for opportunities to earn extra rebate percentages! These offers are only available when ordered online.

  • RELOAD!: Worried about what hap-pens to all those cards that are thrown away when the balance is $0.00? Concerned about the environment? Don’t want to wait for a new card to be delivered? Want to earn all the same rebates and benefits? Want to choose your own amount? Reload! has the answer. A fast, easy and convenient way for you to add value to an existing card that you already have purchased through the scrip program. Order with PrestoPay and your card will be reloaded on next business day service.

    Many families use the Reload option for gas cards. They purchase a gas card at the beginning of the year and reload their monthly gas budget onto the card. The card then functions for that family in a similar manner as a gas credit card. This reduces the need to get new cards into wallets of every family member each week that is driving!

  • ScripNow!: Order and print ScripNow! from the website. This process is very similar to ordering any online printable gift card or groupon type voucher. Once you are fully registered with a and PrestoPay account you will be able to order and print gift card vouchers for immediate use. Some may be also be ordered by smart phone and shown to cashier at checkout.

    Many families use ScripNow for last minute dinner plans (Red Robin, Chipotle, Maggiano’s, etc.). Or print a voucher for home improvement projects over the weekend at Home Depot or Lowe’s. If you need to replace an appliance over the weekend, why not pay for the purchase with scrip?
Watch the Scrip Instructional Videos:
Be sure to watch the instructional video for Scrip by clicking here.
If you have any questions, please contact Charger Cards Chair Marsha Rampersad Zope by email at