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Charger Card How-To Videos


The Charger Card Program uses as a supplier for gift cards. Here are great videos that explain how the program works!


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What is a scrip program?

If you’ve never heard of a scrip program, this is a basic explanation!

What is


ShopWithScrip is the website St. Louise uses for online ordering. Intro to how to order online!

ScripNow! eCards on ShopWithScrip


Online demonstration of how to order ScripNow!

How to Start Using PrestoPay


Online demonstration of how to use PrestoPay


Welcome to My Scrip Wallet!


Demonstration of MyScripWallet mobile website for easy ordering on your phone!


Making MyScripWallet mobile site work like an app (for phone use!)

How to add MyScripWallet mobile website to your phone so it functions as an app!

Reloading Gift Cards on


How to Reload a gift card on