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Club Rules

a) Coaching children is an honor and a privilege that carries with it a moral responsibility to contribute to the healthy character development of young players. Coaches will consider students who try their best as the definition of success and will value, expect, and demand good sportsmanship from their players. This will help shape the moral, ethical, and spiritual character of St. Louise Chess Club Members. As an activity of St. Louise Parish School, this Club will at all times be guided by, and subject to, the instructions and decisions of the Pastor and Principal of St. Louise Parish and School.
a) The Chess Club will be run in order to allow students to learn and improve their chess abilities through instruction, game play and competition in an environment of fun, respect, and encouragement. While students will be expected to play in some tournaments for the overall experience, the St. Louise Chess Club is not to be considered a high-pressure “competitive” club; however, it is to be considered a focused environment where the students will be expected to concentrate on playing chess and improving their skills.
b) The Chess Club will not deny membership to anyone on the basis of inability to pay the membership fee. Please contact [email protected] to request a scholarship.
a) Chess Club members shall conduct themselves properly, shall avoid excessive noise, and shall not behave in any manner likely to disturb other members or bring the Club into disrepute if outside the school.
b) At all times students will conduct themselves in accordance with the conduct expected by St. Louise School.

a) Players may bring in a light snack (including a small drink) for consumption during club meetings; however, members are at all times responsible for their food/drink and for keeping their play areas neat and clean during play, and cleaning up completely after themselves after play. Members who are not careful with their food/drink will not be permitted to bring food/drink to the meetings.

a) Club equipment is not to be used for any purpose other than playing chess.
b) Club members will at all times treat club equipment with care and respect.

a) Club members will always emphasize good sportsmanship. The definition of “Good Sportsmanship” for our purposes will be: “Conduct and attitude expected for a St. Louise student participating in sports and activities, especially fair play, courtesy, grace in losing, and above all, being guided by Christian values and spirit.”
b) Members who display a lack of sportsmanship will be given a verbal warning once, then a written warning will be sent to the member's parents with an explanation of the incident. The third time the member will be asked to leave the Chess Club.
c) Members will sincerely congratulate their opponent after a game.

a) Students who have any concerns or complaints should bring the matter up to one or both of the coaches who will try to resolve the matter. If the student is not able to discuss the matter with the coaches, they should ask to speak with one of the parent volunteers, the Chess Club Manager or the school principal - Dan Fitzpatrick.