St. Louise chess team at St. Anne Chess Tournament

Last year 4 members from Chess Club attended St. Anne Chess Tournament in Seattle. We had young participants but they did their best efforts and we are very proud of them. Here are the results:


  • K-1 U800 Division: Dane Milton and Rachel Sloss attended this group, Dane got 4 points and 2nd place in individual results. St. Louise got 1st place team trophy in this group 😊
  • 2-3 U800 Division: Christopher Antezana and Nathan Victor participated in this group, Christopher got a plus score with 3.5 points.


It was great to see Nathan attend his first tournament and Rachel got a medal for great sportsmanship. They did their best efforts in  a challenging group and represented St. Louise school very well.



Welcome to Fall 2018 session of Chess Club!
Chess will start at 2:00 p.m. right after school ends. We will all meet in St. Louise Room (check the map below), so please remind your kids to head directly there. In this first session the coaches will evaluate the students and will split in the proper groups based on their level, bear in mind that this is an initial evaluation and further moves could come later.
Classes will end about 3:00 p.m. and pick up will be at the door of St. Louise room. Please remember to sign the class list when you pickup your kid, since it will help us to keep track of our students. If any student is not picked up by 3:20 p.m. we will take them to Kids Club. 
Also our club requires the help of parent volunteers, I would appreciate the help of at least 2 parent volunteers per session. 
The St. Louise Chess Club is run in order to allow students to learn and improve their chess abilities through instruction, game play, and competition in a fun, respectful, and encouraging environment.  While students will be encouraged to play in some tournaments for the overall experience, the St. Louise Chess Club is primarily a recreational club. 
The St. Louise Chess Club is managed by Oscar Antezana.  If you have any questions, please contact us via ChessManager@StLouiseSchool.Org.
For any further questions, please contact Maria Zambrano, Extracurricular Activities Coordinator at mariaz@stlouiseschool.org 

When: Mondays after school

Location: Central Wing (St. Louise Room) Time: 2:00-3:00

Pick-Up Location: Central Wing (St. Louise Room)

10 Week Session:

Starting: September 24th, 2018

Ending: December 10th, 2018


No class 11/19, 11/26


Cost: $175

includes gold membership to https://www.chesskid.com



Open to students in Grades K-8


Number of students in class is minimum 15, maximum of 45.


Registration is first come first served. Registration is not complete until payment is made online or by check.


Turn in Registration form at School Office (see Chess Club Fall Session 2018.docx below). Payment online at https://www.osvonlinegiving.com/1369 or by check.



What is ChessKid.com?

It is a safe site for kids to learn and play chess:

  • Safe: No contacts with strangers and parents can manage access and friendship.
  • Learn & Improve: Hundreds of videos, thousands of puzzles and interactive lessons to further improve chess skills.
  • Play & have fun: Safe play against the computer or online opponents around the globe.


What is the Gold membership?

With a Gold membership kids can access all content from ChessKid.com and play as many puzzles and games as they want. A yearly subscription is $49 but we will provide it to Chess Club members as a new benefit.


Why are we including this benefit?

Chess is a game that requires practice and this will allow our students to keep learning chess beyond our class. Also, we will help to setup a personalized lesson plan for kids to continue in their own.