Required World Language - Grades 6, 7, and 8
     6th grade students meet once a week for an introduction to Spanish.

     7th and 8th grade students have Spanish Class twice a week. 7th grade students utilize Realidades A Text Book, along with many other materials, to keep the class as exciting as possible. The 8th grade students use the digital text Autentico. 
     We also offer an advanced Spanish program for 8th grade students. In 2023, Saint Louise school started administering AVANT Stamp4 Testing, as an option for the Advanced Spanish Students. This allows students to receive High School Spanish Credits for schools that accept competency credits. 

      A Spanish/ English Dictionary (hard copy) is highly recommended for home and in class use, as well as a 501 verb book. They are also available at the local King County Library for check out. There are some copies available for use in the classroom. 


Tim's Smoothie Shop

One of our 8th grade students created this great video for extra credit in Spanish!

The Bilingual Brain

Several sources have been publishing information about the benefits of bilingualism over the past 10 years.  It has been proven that students that are bilingual are able to multi-task with greater ease, and accomplish tasks more efficiently in a chaotic environment.  One of the many reasons we have added Spanish to our required curriculum for the Junior High.