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Welcome to the wonderful world of reading! Our library holds more than 14,000 books! The children are surrounded by books that open their minds to a world of imagination, adventure, and many interests. We also have a world language section where the children can check out books in multiple languages including Spanish, French, Hindi, and Chinese.



 The school library program inspires lifelong learning, instills a love of reading, and fosters independent library use. Students in grades K-5 visit the library once a week to develop their information literacy skills and to check out books. Depending on grade level, the children learn the arrangement of the library, genres, how to locate information in print and electronic resources, as well as comprehension and critical thinking strategies. Students will learn about many authors and illustrators through weekly book talks.



Location: Second floor

Hours: The library will be open after school from 3:00 - 3:30 on Wednesdays and Fridays to check out books. The library is not open before school. 


Our Scholastic book fair is scheduled for the week of March 6-9, 2023!



                                                             Library Skills Curriculum




The philosophy of St. Louise School's library curriculum is to ensure that students are effective users of ideas and information. The library curriculum seeks to develop a life-long love of reading and the ability to discern literary merit. The curriculum incorporates literature representing diverse cultures and ideas. The mission is accomplished by:


*Providing access to information in all formats;

*Providing instruction to foster critical thinking and stimulate interest in reading for enjoyment and understanding;

*Working in partnership with classroom teachers for curriculum development;

*Fostering individual and collaborative inquiry;

*Integrating the uses of technology for learning and teaching.


The St. Louise school librarian teaches a weekly library class to each grade K-5 classroom. Students are supervised in utilizing the library computers for locating books in the school library collection with Destiny (the online catalog system) and for locating information on the Internet for research. Students in grades 6-8 may use the library during the lunch recess times on Wednesday, and Friday to begin homework or work quietly on group projects. All students may check out books afterschool on Wednesday and Friday, as well as during their weekly library class time.


 Essential Learnings


1. Students will learn library skills to become an independent library user. 

2. Students will learn research strategies to locate information. 

3. Students will develop information literacy skills, including the ability to evaluate information critically

        and competently. 

4. Students will have access and guidance to a relevant collection of fiction and nonfiction books in a 

              variety of formats for recreational reading and literature appreciation.
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