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Parents' Club

The St. Louise Parents' Club is a non-profit organization which provides volunteer help and conducts fund raising activities for the purpose of enhancing the children’s Catholic education at St. Louise Parish School. Specifically, the purposes of the Parents’ Club are:
  • to provide an organization for the common goal of the continued excellence of and parental involvement in St. Louise
  • to facilitate communication between the parish, School Commission, parents, faculty, and students
  • to conduct fund raising activities that help to achieve the fiscal goals of the school and Parents’ Club
  • to obtain ideas and suggestions from parents and determine whether Parents’ Club goals and plans are being met
  • to provide volunteer assistance with school and some parish sponsored events
  • to provide social programs and educational activities for parents, students, and teachers
  • to promote the school to the parish, parents, and community

You'll find the Parents' Club Bylaws at the link below.
The Parents’ Club General Membership consists of all school parents or guardians. The Executive Board consists of six members who act as a representative of the General Membership and function as a governing body in matters of Club business, directly responsible to the principal and pastor. The Parents' Club usually meets at 6:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of the month for approximately five months throughout the school year. You'll find a listing of the specific meeting dates on the school calendar. Monthly meetings are open to members of the parish and parents of children attending St. Louise School.
If you would like to contact a Parents’ Club Board member for more information or to discuss a school-related issue, please contact them via their emails in the link on the right, or through their phone number in the school roster. You may also contact all the members at [email protected].