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Annual School Gift Campaign



The Annual School Gift Campaign (ASGC) is one of the major fundraisers at St. Louise Parish School.  The ASGC begins in January and runs throughout the year. Please click on the link at the bottom of this page to be directed to our online donation page.


Your generous contributions to our Annual School Gift Campaign helps us target two significant priorities within our operating budget: ensuring competitive teachers’ salaries and enhancing our curriculum.

  • Funds from the Gift Campaign will continue to ensure the highest quality education of our children. It’s critical that we keep our teachers’ compensation equitable to their counterparts in other Catholic schools.  St. Louise teachers are exceptional in their skills, and the nurturing, faith filled environment they provide our children, and we want to make sure we have revenue necessary to continue to pay just salaries to our outstanding educators.
  • The other area of need that a portion of the ASGC revenue goes toward each year is to assist is our school's ability to teach a full spectrum curriculum.  Our children enhance their artistic side through our art and music programs, improve their physical development through our physical education program, and have their intellect boosted in part by having an impressive library and computer lab, along with dedicated teachers in the subjects of reading and math.  We rely on the ASGC to help continue to fund these specialist classes which indeed end up being very "special" in helping St. Louise teach to the whole child!

Without your help in making our ASGC a successful fundraiser, we would not enjoy the academic excellence, with a Roman Catholic foundation, that we are so proud of here at St. Louise Parish School.  Together we are building an investment in the children who will be future leaders in our Catholic Church.  We are grateful for your support, and look forward to your ongoing participation. If you have any questions, please call Cindy Wagner, Development Director, at 425-214-5386 or email her at