Policies and Guidelines

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for the 2018-2019 School Year


     This Policies and Guidelines document provides information about St. Louise School policies and guidelines and the daily operation of our school. It is important that each student and his/her parents read and become familiar with the information contained herein. These policies and guidelines supplement the Seattle Archdiocese Policy and Procedures Manual which is available for review in the principal’s office. Not all school policies and guidelines may be found in this document, and all school policies and guidelines are subject to change at any time after this publication. Please review this document online or look for written updates provided from time to time to see the latest version.

     St. Louise Parish School is a community which needs the cooperation of all those involved in order to help make the school a positive learning environment. When enrolling in St. Louise, parents and students agree to follow all school policies, procedures, guidelines, and regulations as outlined in this document and by the principal, pastor, and School Commission. St. Louise School recognizes parents as the primary educators of their children. The education of students at our school is a partnership between parents and the school. Just as a parent has the right to withdraw a child if desired, the school administration reserves the right to require the withdrawal of a student if the administration determines that the partnership is irretrievably broken.  This is a very serious decision that is not made lightly.

     Questions regarding policies or guidelines, or suggestions about how they might be improved, should be referred to Dan Fitzpatrick, principal.


Revised July, 2018



Table of Contents


4     Absence and Tardiness

5     Academic Probation

6     Admissions

7     Alcohol and Tobacco

7     Allergies

8     Alternative Instruction

8     Awards and Merit Scholarships

9     Bicycles

9     Buddy Classes

9     Car Pools/Traffic and Supervision

10   Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

11   Class Interruptions

11   Closure or Delay of School

11   Communication

12   Computer Use

13   Conferences

13   Counseling Services

14   Curriculum

14   CYO Athletics 14 Discipline

16   Early Dismissal

16   Extracurricular Activities

17   Fax Machine

17   Field Trips

18   Fund Raisers

18   Grading

19   Elevator

20   Emergency Drills

20   Emergency Information Form

20   Homework

21   Illness or Accident

21   Immunization Form

21   Kids’ Club

21   Library

22   Lunches, Snacks, Milk, Water Bottles

22   Liturgies

23   Medication

23   Mentors

23   Milk

24   Money and Items from Home


24   Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy

24   Online Learning

24   Pandemic Preparedness Plan

25   Parent Bulletin, Family Envelope, Family Roster

26   Parents’ Club

26   Parents Away from Home

26   Parties

26   Personal Information Privacy

27   Phone Use

27   Prayer and Flag Salute

27   Pre-Kindergarten Program

27   Promotion, Retention, and Dismissal

27   Recess Rules and Procedures

29   Request for Reconsideration of Instr. Resources

29   Room Parents

30   Sacramental Programs

30   Safety and Security

31   School Commission

31   School Schedule

32   Skyward School Management System

32   Social Media

32   Student Learning Expectations

33   Student Physical Privacy

33   Student Records

33   Student Support Services

33   Tax-Deductible Donations

34   Teacher In-Service Days

34   Testing

34   Textbooks and Library Books

34   Tuition

35   Tuition Assistance

35   Tutors

35   Uniform

37   Uniform for Physical Education

37   Videos

38   Visitors

38   Volunteering

39   Weapons

39   Website

39   Wellness