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St. Louise School is once again offering a Band Program to students in grades 5-8 with Michael White returning as the instructor.


This year we are introducing a new concept were students have the option of attending one or two weekly sessions*.

* (All 5th and 6th graders who are new to playing a band instrument must attend both sessions the first six weeks of the year).


This changes the "old concept" of Advanced band / Beginning Band for every class. As Mr. White explained, "the designation of Advanced or Beginner is not the most useful concept for members of the band."

The most important thing for any student is contact with teacher and repetition of musical patterns as many times as possible, every week.

The cost is the same for students attending once a week or twice a week.


Payment Options:

- 3 payments for $170 each on September 15, on November 15, and on January 15 – for a total of $510 ($130/installment for second student discount). OR
- 1 payment for $450 by September 15 ($375.00 second student discount).


Meeting Times:

Band will meet twice weekly (Wednesday and Friday)


September 18, 2019 through May 22, 2020.



If you have any questions,  please contact either
Michael White at
or Maria Zambrano, Extracurricular Activities Director at