Third Grade


Third grade at St. Louise is an exciting place to learn. Walking through the door of one of our two classrooms will reveal a variety of differentiated instruction methods that are geared to the individual learner. At any time, there may be small groups working together, hands-on activities, whole group instruction using the Smart Board, or children working independently on computers. It is a time for students to begin to assume responsibility for their education as they become lifelong learners. Each of the two classrooms has an average of 15-18 students.

The third-grade team fosters behaviors that support learning. These behaviors are centered around the characteristics of cooperative workers, quality workers, and self-directed learners. Families play an important role in helping teach and reinforce these behaviors at home: Be respectful of all; respect all property; allow others to speak, be heard and to learn.

In the fall and spring, students take MAP Growth assessments, which are used to drive instruction throughout the year.

The third grade teachers have the support of the reading specialist, as well as an instructional assistant, during reading.


Focus:     Jesus gives us the church; we are members of the church; the church leads us to worship; we are called to discipleship.

Text:       Sadlier, We Believe: Catholic Identity Parish Edition.



Focus:     Apply decoding strategies, recognize and read high-frequency words, compare and contrast literature, determine cause and effect, note important details and identify story structure, recognize and write a main idea, topic, and supporting details, predict and infer, recognize fact and opinion, write with comprehension, and follow oral and written directions.

Text:       Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Catholic Identity Edition, Journeys.


Language Arts

Focus:      Complete sentences: statement, question, exclamatory, command; dictionary skills; parts of speech; paragraph format: narrative, descriptive, compare/contrast; creative writing.

Text:        Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Language.



Focus:     Understand multiplication and division of whole numbers, apply properties to fluently multiply and divide facts, understand area and perimeter, represent and interpret data, add and subtract within 1000, apply four operations to problem solve, understand fractions, attributes of two dimensional shapes, solve time, capacity, and mass problems.

Text:       Pearson, enVision Math 2.0.



Focus:     Use scientific method to predict, classify, and hypothesize; life science, physical science, and earth science.

Text:       Scott Foresman, Science and FOSS science kits: Light & Sound, Earth Materials, and Measurement.


Social Studies

Focus:     Map and globe skills; U.S. History, Government and Citizenship.

Text:       McGraw Hill, Communities: Adventures in Time and Place and Story Path: Democracy in Action.



Focus:     Recognize sound and letter patterns, understand word structure, and frequently misspelled words.

Text:       Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – Spelling.



Focus:     Introduction and daily practice of cursive writing. 

Text:       Zaner Bloser, Handwriting.


Additional Subjects

Physical Education, Computers, Library, Art, Music, and Touching Safety: a personal-safety curriculum.


Service Projects

The third-grade students participate in service for the St. Louise Parish community by preparing the church pews for the weekend Masses.  Each week, the students organize the Missals, Breaking Bread books and replace envelopes/pew art so the parishioners can celebrate Mass together in a clean, welcoming environment. This service opportunity provides the students with a sense of belonging to the St. Louise community as a whole. In addition to their grade level service project, the third-grade classes work together with the entire school on two school-wide annual service projects:


  • The November Thanksgiving Basket collection teaches the importance of stewardship and giving to others. With the leadership of the sixth graders, the entire student body creates about two dozen complete, traditional Thanksgiving meal baskets. Together with the Parish and St. Vincent de Paul, the baskets are delivered to needy families in the community. 
  • Throughout February and March, each homeroom teacher promotes "Operation Rice Bowl," teaching the importance of fasting and almsgiving during the Lenten season; students donate to Catholic Relief Services, helping the less fortunate in our community and worldwide. This 40-day season of giving begins on Ash Wednesday with a schoolwide “Soup Lunch,” when all the students and staff give up their usual lunch that first day of Lent for a simple cup of soup, and the money they would have spent on an ample meal is donated to Operation Rice Bowl.


Classroom Enrichment, Special Projects, and Events

There are many exciting enrichment opportunities in third grade!

Every year, third-grade students attend at least one local play and take a visit to the Bellevue College Planetarium while they’re studying the planets in Science.


Every other year, third graders participate in a two day, in-school enrichment grant called “Of Cedar and Salmon” lead by Ronn Wilson. Over the course of two days, students are taught in depth about Native American culture and customs through lectures, storytelling, games, dances, crafts, and receive exposure to various artifacts including pelts, weapons, and jewelry. Students not only silk screen shirts as an activity but attend an evening potlatch as a culminating event.


Third graders also experience being “big buddies” for the first time to a kindergarten student. They meet with their buddies weekly to help them practice basic skills, read to them, and complete thematic or seasonal activities. Third graders also sit with their buddies at all school Masses to help model appropriate church behavior.