Second Grade


There are two second-grade classes at St. Louise with an average of 15-18 students in each class. Each student finds the attention they need and deserve at this pivotal point in their learning careers. The second-grade team sets up a classroom which is organized, structured and conducive to learning. At the end of this year, second-grade students are ready for challenges awaiting them in the third grade. They are able to do this by building a community within their classroom, with their grade level peers, and with the greater St. Louise community. 

In the fall and spring, students take MAP Growth assessments, which are used to drive instruction throughout the year.

The second-grade teachers have the support of the reading specialist, as well as an instructional assistant, during reading.

Subject:   Religion

Text:       Sadlier, We Believe: Catholic Identity Parish Edition

Focus:     Jesus’ omnipresence, the gift of the Eucharist, participating in Reconciliation, practicing daily prayer, living in love and respect, celebrating the Mass.


Subject:   Reading

Text:       Houghton Mifflin, Journeys, and trade books

Focus:     Phonics/decoding skills and decoding longer words, developing fluency skills. Comprehension strategies such as: predicting/inferring, questioning, monitoring/clarifying, summarizing and evaluating. Comprehension skills such as: comparing and contrasting, story structure, distinguishing between realism/fantasy and solving problems.


Subject:   Math

Text:       Pearson, enVision Math 2.0 – Common Core

Focus:     Addition and subtraction, regrouping, patterning, graphing, strategies, classifying, logical thinking, problem solving, geometry.


Subject:   Science

Text:       Mystery Science, Animal Adventures, Plant Adventures, Work of Water, Material Magic

Focus:     Animal Biodiversity, Plant Adaptations, Erosion & Earth’s Surface, Properties & Phases of Matter.


Text:       Picture Perfect STEM K-2

Focus:    “Science Mysteries”, “Our Blue Planet”, “Crayons”, “Pillbots”, “Flight of the Pollinators”


Subject:   Language Arts

Text:       Houghton Mifflin, Journeys

Focus:     Grammar, punctuation and capitalization, writing process, reference skills.


Subject:   Social Studies

Text:       McGraw Hill, Social Studies; Storypath, The Parade

Focus:     Geography (Map skills, landforms, Washington State), Native Americans, Christmas Around the World, Democracy and Government, Culture, Personal Heritage.


Subject:   Spelling

Text:       Houghton Mifflin, Journeys

Focus:     Spelling as used in everyday writing.


Subject:   Handwriting

Text:       Universal Publishing, Writing Our Catholic Faith & Zaner-Blosser, Handwriting 2-M

Focus:     Formation of letters, spacing, stroke, size and proportion, daily practice in manuscript.


               Additional Subjects:

Physical Education, Computers, Music, Library, and Talking About Touching: A Personal Safety Curriculum



Service Projects

The second grade assists the Humane Society.  Along with learning how to be good pet owners, the students collect money, pet food, towels, blankets, collars, leashes, and pet toys for the Pet Food Bank at the Humane Society. The students also receive a visit from the Max Mobile; a bus that houses animals that are up for adoption. The Max Mobile provides an informative tour and collects the much-needed donations.


In addition to their grade level service project, the second-grade classes work together with the entire school on two school-wide annual service projects:

The November Thanksgiving Basket collection teaches the importance of stewardship and giving to others. With the leadership of the 6th graders, the entire student body creates about two dozen complete, traditional Thanksgiving meal baskets. Together with the Parish and St. Vincent de Paul, the baskets are delivered to needy families in the community. 

Throughout February and March, each homeroom teacher promotes "Operation Rice Bowl," teaching the importance of fasting and almsgiving during the Lenten season; students donate to Catholic Relief Services, helping the less fortunate in our community and worldwide. This 40-day season of giving begins on Ash Wednesday with a schoolwide “Soup Lunch,” when all the students and staff give up their usual lunch that first day of Lent for a simple cup of soup, and the money they would have spent on an ample meal is donated to Operation Rice Bowl.


Classroom Enrichment, Special Programs and Events:

The students participate in First Reconciliation in the Fall. Then in the Spring they prepare for their First Communion, including taking First Communion classes on the weekends with the parish. The second graders receive their First Communion with their class and parish community around Mother’s Day each year.


Each year the second graders take a field trip to the Meydenbauer Theater and one to the Mercer Slough in the Fall. After receiving their First Communion they go on a tour of the St. James Cathedral in Seattle.


Each second grader has a fifth-grade buddy whom he/she sits with at each school Mass. Throughout the school year the buddies meet regularly and do special projects. At Halloween the buddies make haunted houses together, and at Christmas time they make gingerbread houses.