First Grade


(For children age 6 or older by August 31)

St. Louise has two first-grade classrooms with an average of 16 students in each class. In first grade, students continue to develop and enrich their academic, social, and communication skills through a challenging, yet developmentally appropriate, curriculum which includes a wide variety of assorted activities. As a faith-centered community, we partner with parents and strive to inspire students to reach their full potential. The first-grade teachers have a daily 70-minute reading class, in which two Instructional Assistants and a Reading Specialist Teacher assist them.



Focus:     God as our Creator and loving parent, the life of Jesus Christ and the church’s liturgical seasons.

Text:       Sadlier, We Believe: Catholic Identity Parish Edition.



Focus:     Phonics, decoding strategies, reading strategies, and comprehension strategies such as:  note details, make predictions, compare and contrast, categorize/classify, draw conclusions, sequence, summarize, make generalizations, and understand cause and effect, fantasy and realism.

Text:       Houghton Mifflin: Journeys Common Core: Catholic Identity Edition. Reading.



Focus:     Focus on six traits of writing:  conventions, ideas, organization, sentence fluency, word choice, and voice.

Text:       6 Trait Writing Curriculum.



Focus:     Addition and subtraction, mastery of number combinations to 10, measurement, money, time, patterning, sorting, counting, graphing, comparing, geometric shapes, calendar skills, problem-solving.

Text:       Pearson, enVision Math Common Core 2.0.


Social Studies

Focus:     Family community, families around the world, basic map skills.

Text:       Scholastic News and Storypath:  Families in Their Neighborhoods and Safari to Kenya.



Focus:     Motion of objects, balance, counterweight, stability, properties of solids and liquids, and insects and their life cycles.

Text:       FOSS science kits:  Balance and Motion, Solids and Liquids, Insects.



Focus:     A review of basic language skills. Spelling as used in everyday writing.

Text:       Houghton Mifflin: Journeys Common Core: Catholic Identity Edition. Reading.



Focus:     Formation of letters, spacing, stroke, size, and proportion; weekly practice in manuscript.

Text:       Zaner-Bloser Handwriting.


Additional Subjects

Art, Computers, Library, Music, Physical Education, and Touching Safety: a personal-safety curriculum.


Service Projects

The first-grade classes provide service to the St. Vincent De Paul Society during the fall and winter by collecting coats to clothe those who need warmth during the cold months. In the spring, they have a book drive for The New Bethlehem Project, a joint project of St. Louise Parish School and other churches on the Eastside to provide a day center for homeless families.


In addition to their grade level service projects, the 1st grade classes work together with the entire school on two school-wide annual service projects:


  • The November Thanksgiving Basket collection teaches the importance of stewardship and giving to others. With the leadership of the sixth graders, the entire student body creates about two dozen complete, traditional Thanksgiving meal baskets. Together with the Parish and St. Vincent de Paul, the baskets are delivered to needy families in the community. 
  • Throughout February and March, each homeroom teacher promotes "Operation Rice Bowl," teaching the importance of fasting and alms-giving during the Lenten season; students donate to Catholic Relief Services, helping the less fortunate in our community and worldwide. This 40-day season of giving begins on Ash Wednesday with a school-wide “Soup Lunch,” when all the students and staff give up their usual lunch that first day of Lent for a simple cup of soup, and the money they would have spent on an ample meal is donated to Operation Rice Bowl.


Classroom Enrichment, Special Projects, and Events

Field trips include going to see local performances of children's literature. Students also get the opportunity to view numerous performances on field trips, as well as at school; some of which are performed by the student body, some of which are performed by professional companies. Many guest speakers visit and share their intellect and gifts with the children.


First grade pairs with fourth grade for various activities. Once a month, students get together to collaborate on projects together. Each child is paired with one or two fourth grade buddies who act as their mentors. Students also go to Masses together to bond in God's love.