St. Louise School’s Pre-K teacher, Mrs. Wendy Blank and instructional assistant, Mrs. Michelle Kujath, create a joyful journey of learning and growing for children aged four or older by August 31st. Scheduled five-days-a-week (8:15AM-11:45AM) we also offer an optional extended day session (11:45AM-2:00PM Mondays and 11:45AM-3:00PM Tuesday-Friday) for families who prefer a full-day preschool environment. Our afternoon instruction is led by Mrs. Maria Zambrano, and her assistant Mrs. Marilu De La Torre, with both fluent in Spanish. 


Our Pre-K program is based on the development of the whole child, providing opportunities for every child spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally, and academically. At St. Louise we help each child grow their faith, character, and intellect and prepare for a smooth transition to kindergarten.


The Pre-K classroom provides a safe place to learn and a fun place to interact with peers. Students collaborate, cooperate and compromise. Together, students and teachers partner to build a sense of community and promote commitment to service in an environment that encourages students to care for themselves and those around them.


Pre-K program offers:

  • An atmosphere designed to nurture Catholic faith and values and celebrate each child’s relationship with God.
  • An intentional curriculum richly infused with literacy and math content.
  • Whole group, small group, and individual learning experiences, including opportunities for choice and play.
  • Inquiry-based projects linked to science and social studies themes.
  • Music, movement, and art enrichment.
  • Service opportunities.
  • Weekly music lessons with our school music teacher.
  • Maximum of 18 students or student:teacher ratio of 9:1.


Optional-Extended program offers*:

*Please see Admissions page for additional tuition fee

  • Lunch time, quiet time, and movement/recess time scheduled each afternoon.
  • An atmosphere designed to nurture Catholic faith and values and celebrate each child’s relationship with God.
  • Whole group, small group, and individual learning experiences, including opportunities for choice and play.
  • Introductory Spanish focusing on numbers, days of the week, months of the year. 
  • Music, movement, and art enrichment.
  • Maximum of 15 students or student:teacher ratio of 7:1.


Subject:   Religion

Text:        Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Publications, The Good Shepherd and the Child: A Joyful Journey

Focus:     Connect students with Scripture stories of God’s love, emphasizing God’s covenant relationship with each child. Provide Scripture-    based presentations along with concrete materials and opportunities for prayerful reflection to deepen awareness and understanding of God’s love.

Subject:   Pre-Reading and Writing

Texts:      David Matteson & Associates, Prekindergarten: Building the Foundation

                Pinnell and Fountas, Literacy Beginnings: A Prekindergarten Handbook

Focus:     Use developmentally appropriate assessments and instruction to build on students’ foundational and beginning literacy skills,  specifically oral language, fine motor and attention to visual detail. Use powerful and playful ways to guide children to learn about letters, sounds and words; support emergent readers and writers through a variety of literacy activities.

Subject:    Math

Text:         McGraw-Hill, Everyday Mathematics: Pre-K

Focus:       Introduce children to math concepts and processes through a hands-on, manipulative program: counting, number concepts, operations, graphing, measurement, shapes, position and spatial relations, patterns and sorting.

Subject:    Science

Text:         Harcourt and FOSS science kit: Trees

Focus:       Lead investigations of trees at school to build understanding of all plants. Provide hands-on, inquiry-based studies of light and dark/day and night and animal habitats.

Subject:    Social Studies

Text:         Lettermark Publishing, Pre-K Storypath, The Zoo: Learning About Animals

Focus:       Engage students in dramatic play to connect prior knowledge to new learning, problem solve, develop important social and language skills and make connections across the curriculum. Explore moods and feelings and friendships and family relationships.

Subject:    Handwriting

Text:         David Matteson & Associates, Prekindergarten: Building the Foundation

Focus:       Build fine motor skills through a variety of practical life exercises. Provide tactile experiences for letter formation. Gain writing  practice and attention to visual detail through group and individual writing activities. Introduce proper posture, pencil position and manuscript strokes.

Subject:   Music

Music with Mrs. LaRussa-Banton

Interactive Stations
We have created fun areas of rich, open-ended  learning opportunities within the classroom  to imagine, pretend and problem-solve while developing a range of essential social and language skills. Special themes are tied to curricular learning and infused with literacy and mathematical concepts include a farmers’ market, space station and zoo.
Social Studies
Trees Through the Seasons A key component of the science curriculum is a year-long, integrated study of trees and things that grow. This hands-on, investigative, cross-curricular study taps into kids’ innate curiosity and appreciation for the natural world.  They think like scientists as they question, observe and explore trees throughout the seasons.  Fun, outdoor activities include a fall leaf hunt, a winter evergreen hunt and a spring bark hunt.
Planting a Rainbow Inspired by the children’s book, Planting a Rainbow, and as part of their year-long study of trees and things that grow, students plant a variety of bulbs on campus. Parents are invited to join the students in this special project, which combines the scientific study of plants, service to the school and parish community and a connection to our author study of Lois Ehlert.
Butterflies As a way to help our youngest learners connect to Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, the class raises 10 caterpillars, watches them transform into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies and releases them during Holy Week. The process is an accessible symbol of Christ’s journey, as well as our own, and provides powerful opportunities for meaningful discussion during the Lenten season.
Eating the Alphabet The Pre-K students enjoy a Thanksgiving feast—with a twist! Tying together our study of trees and plants, our author study of Lois Ehlert and lessons about Thanksgiving, the class enjoys a bounty of fruits and vegetables from A to Z.  Parents are invited to join the class in giving thanks for our many blessings.
Author Studies Several author studies throughout the year focus on important print concepts, including understanding the meaning of and relationship between print and pictures. Kids make text-to-text and life-to-text connections, all while enjoying quality literature by favorite children’s authors and falling in love with good books!
6th Grade Buddies 
Pre-K students partner with their 6th grade buddies for special activities including read-ins, letter writing and math enrichment. The buddy relationship is a true highlight for all of the students.
Field Trips
Engaging, interactive field trips bring to life classroom studies of space and animal habitats. Pre-K students visit the Pacific Science Center, where they take-in a planetarium show and visit the Tropical Butterfly House, and Woodland Park Zoo, where we explore our final unit on zoos and animal habitats. Our students participate in a special preschool program to learn about animals of the African Savanna.
Washing of the Feet
Central to our Holy Week lessons is our own washing of the feet activity. Children learn about the Last Supper and the example Jesus gave for loving one another as He loves us.  Then, they walk a path with dirty (painted) feet, and Mrs. Blank washes their feet, reminding each child of Jesus’ call to love and serve others.
Pre-K Zoo The final unit of the school year is a six-week exploration of zoos and animal habitats,  rich with cross-curricular learning,  emphasizing the scientific process of questioning, researching and recording findings.  Along the way, the class hosts various guest pets and animal experts, including a veterinarian.  The project culminates in a zoo tour for families, hosted by animal experts:  the Pre-K students!
Musical Performances
May Crowning
In a special procession from the classroom to the Mary Garden, students sing, “Oh, Mary, we crown thee with blossoms today!” Once in the Mary Garden, they place a crown of flowers on the statue of Mary, lay individual flowers at her feet, and sing and pray to her and for all mothers.  Parents are invited to join the class for this celebration of Mary, Queen of the Saints.
Spring Concert
Under the creative guidance of music teacher, Mrs. LaRussa-Banton, students delight their families with a spring concert. They prepare for months, learning the lyrics and movements for this musical treat!


The Pre-K students work together with the entire school on two school-wide annual service projects.

  • November , during our annual Thanksgiving Basket collection we teach the importance of stewardship and giving to others. With the leadership of the sixth-graders, the entire student body creates  complete, traditional Thanksgiving meal baskets partnering with the Parish and St. Vincent de Paul, to families in the community. 
  • February and March, each homeroom teacher promotes the importance of fasting and almsgiving during the Lenten season; supporting Seattle's Union Gospel Mission. This 40-day season of giving begins on Ash Wednesday with a schoolwide “Rice & Beans Lunch,” when all the students and staff give up their usual lunch that first day of Lent for a simple meal, donating what they would have spent for lunch to support our local community.