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St. Louise School at 2017 WA State Elementary Chess Championship
This year we had 4 students attending WA State Elementary Chess Championship in Tacoma. To attend the tournament the students had to win at least 3 points in a rated tournament during the school year. This year the state tournament had a record number of students, over 1000 kids from all over WA state. Although stating the obvious this is a very hard tournament even for skilled players and I am very proud of the effort from our chess club members, since just qualifying is an honor for all chess players:
- Christopher Antezana
- Drake Woelfl
- Ian Woelfl
- Paul Antezana (3 points score)
St. Louise Chess Club at 2017 WA State Chess Champtionship
Chess tournament at St. Anne - 4/2/2017

Hello chess team. This spring session we will be attending the St. Anne Chess Tournament in Seattle. This is an open tournament but most participants are from different catholic schools. Please let me know if you will be attending the tournament to track our participants. The tournament typically will last 4-5 hours, so bring some books or other material during the wait time. The tournament is 5 rounds, all players need to finish their games in a round before next round starts. Each round is timed at 1 hour max, but most players end their games within 25 minutes. At the end of the 5th round there will be a trophy ceremony to top players (all who get 3 or more points and medals for participants) and there are team trophies for top 3 schools.


Below is the tournament information and registration link.


St. Anne Celtic Challenge Spring 2017


Sunday, April 2, 2017


Site: St. Anne School, 101 West Lee Street Seattle, WA 98119


A 5 round G/25 Swiss in 5 sections:

K-1 U800, 2-3 U800, K-3 Open, 4-8 U900, 4-8 Open.

All sections will be NWSRS rated, Open sections will also be USCF rated.  

USCF membership required only for Open sections.

This tournament is an Elementary State Qualifier.

Schedule: Check-in at 11:30am. First round at 12:00pm; Last round at 4:00pm.

Entry Fee: $25.

Online registration available at:

Deadline to enter is April 1, 2017 at 6pm.  Late registration will require a $10 late fee.

Contact: Chris Hurley,

Chess Club Fall session - Update 2 and Catholic School Chess Tournament Fall


Hello team,


Chess club is in full swing and students are getting more time for practicing their skills in class.


-          Beginners Group: Focus continuous in domain of piece movement. Students have been practicing basic chess puzzles targeted towards understand potential of each piece, especially the major pieces (bishops, rocks, queen). Also they are starting to target capture with their pieces. Coach Sloan distributed a booklet with exercises, if your student does not have one please let me know and I’ll get one.

-          Intermediate Group: The focus of this group is to detect good moves in the board, they go through chess positions and find those good moves that are easy to miss at first look. These exercises are trying to help them pause before move to evaluate more options, as well as get towards a more organized plan. Lately they have started to play with clocks so they can get familiar with their use if they play in a tournament.

-          Advanced Group: This group is full on their tournament, they play 1 or 2 games per class plus they review some chess positions to improve their tactics. As they go through their games the coach carefully looks at their moves and point misses or wrong moves. As they play each other they are getting into harder and harder games.


Last class we distributed a flyer for upcoming Catholic School Chess Tournament that is hosted by Seattle Prep, on 11/8. Our team is a regular participant in this tournament and we have consistently get good positions (usually first or second team place). This tournament is only open to catholic school teams, this helps keep the environment plus allows the kids to socialize with their peers in other schools. A chess tournament usually takes about 6 hours, since all players compete in the 5 rounds, with each round lasting up to 60 minutes and about 10-15 minutes between rounds plus an extra 30 minutes for lunch break. There are 5 different sections in the tournament:


-          Novice (K-5): This is open to students that are playing their first tournament (usually the majority of the players). The main requirement for this is for students to know how to move the pieces and how to check-mate.

-          Reserve (K-5) and (6-12): This section is targeted for students who have participated in chess tournaments before and have a NW rating < 900. This is a challenge group and most players have experience so it is better prepare a little (practice some chess, attend quads, solve puzzles). This group is divided into two based on their grades, so elementary in one group and Middle/High School in another.

-          Open section (K-5) and (6;12): The most challenge section this is targeted for students with NW rating of 900+ which indicates students that have participated in several tournaments before and can play very strong games. They are expected to take notations and their games will typically take the full hour.


Students in beginners group are still developing basic chess knowledge so usually they are not prepared for this tournament just yet (but they will be for our spring tournament). Students in Intermediate and Advanced groups are ready to participate and strongly encouraged to do so. It will be great to have good participation from our school. As general rule, our intermediate group will go into the Novice section, with some students that could go into the Reserve section.  Our advanced group is definitely ready for this and will typically go into the Reserve section, and some could go into the open section.


If you have any question please let me know.


Go Chargers!!!

First day of Chess Club Fall 2016/2017


Welcome to Fall session of Chess Club! Monday 9/18 is our first day of the session and we will start at 2:00 p.m. right after school ends. We will all meet in St. Louise Room (check the map below), so please remind your kids to head directly there. In this first session the coaches will evaluate the students and will split in 3 groups (Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced) based on their level, bear in mind that this is an initial evaluation and further moves could come later.


Classes will end about 3:00 p.m. and pick up will be at the door of St. Louise room. Please remember to sign the class list, since it will help us to keep track of our students. If any student is not picked up by 3:20 p.m. we will take them to Kids Club. 


The St. Louise Chess Club is run in order to allow students to learn and improve their chess abilities through instruction, game play, and competition in a fun, respectful, and encouraging environment.  While students will be encouraged to play in some tournaments for the overall experience, the St. Louise Chess Club is primarily a recreational club. 
The St. Louise Chess Club is managed by Oscar Antezana.  If you have any questions, please contact us via ChessManager@StLouiseSchool.Org.
For any further questions, please contact Mike Fuerte, Extracurricular Activities Coordinator at 
The 2016 Fall St. Louise Chess Club goes from on Monday, September 19th through December 12th and is limited to 45 students.  Online registration and payment is available via the following link:
  • Click on the menu (Top-right corner)
  • Click on "After School Chess Clubs"
  • Click on "Check Availability"
  • Choose "Bellevue"
  • Click on "St. Louise School Chess Club"
  • In Fall 2016 session click "View" to access the registration link
Or through this direct link:
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