Welcome to 5B!
Mrs. Cervantes teaches the 5B homeroom class religion and language arts (which includes spelling, grammar, and writing). She teaches science to both fifth grade classes. Dr. Cruickshank in 5A teaches social studies to both fifth grade classes. Our middle school math specialist, Mr. Ostrander, takes 1/3 of the class for math so that we can work in smaller groups.
Our service project is contributing to Operation Gratitude. Throughout the year we raise money, send letters/care packages, and create paracord "survival" bracelets to the military.


We ended our Ella Enchanted novel unit with snacks while watching the movie! Plus lots of discussion after about how different they are from each other
Thank you to all of our volunteers for helping us to have the most fun at our end-of-the-year patrol party! We had an amazing taco bar for lunch on the deck, and then a fun afternoon at the Sno-King Ice Arena

Weekly Rosary for Dr. Cruickshank

Both 5th grade classes, as well as any other teacher or class who is able, are praying a rosary for Dr. Cruickshank every Wednesday at 2:00 in the church. All are welcome to join us.
5th grade students spent months researching and creating a project over a historian or scientist of their choice. They were fantastic while showcasing everything they learned during their History Maker Halls of Fame!
We are sad to have one of our classmates move after the second trimester. Thanks to all of the parents who put together the going-away party!