Welcome to 5B!!
We are SO excited for this school year! Mrs. Cervantes teaches the 5B homeroom class religion, reading, and language arts which includes spelling, grammar, and writing. She also teaches science to both fifth grade classes while Mrs. Jaster in 5A teaches social studies to both fifth grade classes.
Each class sponsors a child from Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH), Our Little Brothers and Sisters orphanage. 5B sponsors Karla in Mexico. We send a monthly contribution to help with her living expenses as well as occasionally sending her cards and sponsoring special projects.
Check out the other pages on this website for our bi-weekly newsletter, pictures and more information about our class!  

Recent Posts

Students did a great job on their Oobleck projects! Funny story...I was grading their projects while I was on a plane this weekend, and I happened to be sitting next to a Physics Professor. He was looking over while I was grading, and asked about the project. He was SO impressed! He kept pointing out parts of different projects that he liked and couldn't believe they came from fifth graders. I was so proud 😊
Today Glory Visario from NPH came to talk to both 5th grade classes about our service! Both classes sponsor a child. Fifth Graders will bring $1-2 a month to help support their classes child, and we will write them letters throughout the year.
5th Grade Students enjoyed exploring the physical properties of Oobleck! Want to try it at home? It's just 1 cup cornstarch, 1/2 cup water, and food coloring! 
Hey parents, did you know that 5th graders can join Band?! Today we got to hear some current band members play, and interested students tried out the instruments. Check out the band page for more details and on how you can sign up your child today!
We had fun meeting our second grade buddies today! Check out the waterfalls we made with them in the fifth grade hallway