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Welcome to 5A!
          Fifth grade is an exciting time of life at St. Louise. 5A and its neighbor, 5B, are filled with students learning, serving, creating projects, praying and having lots of fun! Mrs. Talevich teaches the 5A homeroom classes of religion, reading, and language arts (spelling, grammar and writing) to her own class. 5A is also the social studies class for both fifth grades, while Mrs. Cervantes  teaches science to both fifth grades in the science lab.  In math, fifth graders are divided into three groups with Mrs. Bannick, our math specialist, teaching one-third of the combined fifth grade in her math room in the north wing. This ensures smaller class instruction for math. 5A sponsors a child, Kerry, who lives in a Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (NPH) orphanage in Nicaragua. Students contribute a small amount of money monthly for Kerry's support and write notes to him throughout the year. We also run an all-school Flavorful Friday Treat Sale every other month to support Kerry. We join our buddy class, 2-A, at least once a month for holiday art and creative activities. Our year of study includes several projects: learning all of the states and capitals, building posters of the original 13 colonies, memorizing the preambles to a few of our US founding documents, bringing to life a person of history or science in the History Maker Halls of Fame, and  participating in the all-school Science Showcase. We also serve on safety patrol! It is a wonderful, action-packed year.
For specific curriculum information see the curriculum page.
Check out the photo albums to see fifth grade classes past and present in action.

Recent Posts

More parent thanks are due for the yummy pizza retirement party on the deck. 5A and 5B enjoyed  delicious food and sunshine and friendship. St. Louise Parents, you are generous and loving and appreciated. Fortunate kids!
Mr. Read gave a great presentation about the significance of Memorial Day. He touched our hearts with tales of sacrifice and the story of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and taught us to salute correctly! And to stand at parade rest, attention and at ease. Wonderful parents!

Last Week: Best Week!

June 11 - 15, 2018 

Dear Families: Thanks to all of you who chaperoned and fed us at our patrol party and swim. It was so fun and I was proud of our children who didn’t complain one bit about the rain/drizzle. Thanks to Mr. Evans for organizing, too!

 Just a reminder that through the generosity of parents, we have a lovely treat or “different” day Monday – Wednesday. And Thursday and Friday are very fun and different, too!

  • Monday: No lunch needed as our 5A and 5B classes are being treated to pizza on the deck in honor of my retirement. Thank you very much for indulging me and the students with my favorite food right before our last math lesson😊! Bring a morning snack.
  • Tuesday: This is Field Day! 5A will have an EARLY lunch of Jimmy John’s sandwiches provided by the Chu family. It is a celebration of Mr. Chu’s continued healing. And a thank-you from the family for our prayers and support, which I know are continuing😊. Just bring a snack this day, too.
  • Wednesday: We head to Mercer Slough in free dress suitable for hiking and getting a little muddy! We will spend ½ the day in the lab and ½ the day “out in the field,” making observations and gathering samples. Children and parent drivers will need a brown bag lunch. Thanks to Parents Club for funding this science field trip and to Mrs. Cervantes for organizing it.
  • Thursday: ½ day. Please bring a rag for cleaning and a snack.
  • Friday: dismissal after our prayer service. We will sign yearbooks, pray with the student body for the last time this school year, and enjoy lunch with our families.  

 WOW the year is winding down before our eyes. Happy almost summer. I love your children, and will carry them in my heart. We are going to have a joyful week.

 In Christ, always, everything in Christ!

Mary T.

 Mrs. Mary E. Talevich

Teacher, 5A, St. Louise School



Late May and June Exciting Happenings!

Dear 5A Families:

First another Flavorful Friday Treat Sale (our last!) is upon us. We need one helper to supervise the 5th grade sales personnel. Please email if you are able to help 12:55 – 1:05, this coming Friday, May 25th. We raise funds for our Pequenos at NPH orphanages in Nicaragua and Mexico.



May 25: Math Test Topic 13.

May 29: Social Studies Test chapter 12, Revolutionary War. Study Guide is also graded for notes.

May 30: Spring Concert, 1:30PM  and 6:30PM

June 1: Science Showcase, 5th grade explains their projects 10:30 – 11:30. Come enjoy!

June 5: 1:45 Faculty-Eighth Grade Volleyball game.

June 7: Graduation. Students with 8th grade siblings will attend Mass as well as chorale.

June 8: Patrol Party. Get permission slips in by Friday 5/25. Fun day with lunch provided and swimming at Samena. Free dress. More details later. Think about a modest swim suit, one-piece or tankini, no bikinis. Thanks.

June 12: Field Day!

June 13: Mercer Slough day of science exploration in the park and in the lab. Free dress.

June 14 – 15: Half days. No lunch….except join outside for the school picnic on June 15 to say Adios! (Literally to God) for the summer😊!


WOW! Packed days are ahead and we are working and playing and learning and praying throughout!


Thanks for all the little and big ways you support our St. Louise community! Let’s pray for each other every day!



Mrs. T.


Mrs. Mary E. Talevich

Teacher, 5A, St. Louise School

Happy Mother's Day to all of 5A's  moms, grandmothers and other special ladies in their lives! May God watch over and bless you this weekend and always; and may Mary, perfect mother of us all, guide us in our parenting.
We had so much fun today writing mother metaphor poems and wrapping your presents! Your children love you very much.
This past week, Fifth Grade was treated to a presentation from Living Voices that tied in perfectly with our Social Studies unit, The Struggle for Independence in Colonial Boston and our upcoming look at the American War for Independence from Britain. We witnessed the struggle from the perspective of a young free black youth from Concord, Massachusetts. We learned so many new facts about life at that time: free blacks could be captured and sold into slavery....even by men who were fighting for "freedom for all." We learned that the Loyalists went to Canada after the war where there was no slavery. We saw the misery of war, but the hope for liberty acted out, and we learned more about historical events such as the Boston Massacre and Tea Party and many of the battles of the ensuing war. We also learned about the ghastly British prison ships and much more. We learned that the quest for liberty and justice is ongoing and complicated! And we must keep working toward our values together.
Following the interactive presentation, students participated in drama workshops, acting out powerful vocabulary words and ideas presented in the drama.
THANK YOU, PARENTS' CLUB, for the grant!!
History Maker 2018
Thanks, Parents, for all of your support in gathering artifacts and costume ideas for History Maker this year. The students were articulate and knowledgeable , bringing history and science to life! I learned much today, and I hope the visitors and students did, as well. It is so fun to learn from each other!
Enjoy the photos on  the photo album page!
Mrs. T.

History Maker Halls of Fame: Wednesday

Happy Easter, Families!

 Finally we can enjoy the Alleluia word aloud! Our Lord and Savior lives and loves us forever!

 Just a reminder that, as we told you via our last newsletters, we did change the date of the History Maker Halls of Fame to Wednesday, April 11th, 8:45 – 10:15 AM. Students are to come Wednesday morning in costume with their uniforms in bags. They will change into uniforms at the morning recess to resume the day’s regular schedule.

 Tuesday, students are to bring four artifacts to help them tell the story of their history-maker in first person. They will have a desk-booth and their scrapbook. The “artifacts” are symbolic, such as a copy of the Declaration of Independence for Thomas Jefferson.

 We will practice interviewing each other, but there are no set presentation times. The format is that of an open house or a living museum. Buddy classes and parents/guests will be touring the classrooms, asking the students about “themselves.” It is always a fun and learning-filled morning, as the students tour the booths as well, learning about the other persons of American history and science.

 We hope to see many (or ALL) of you on Wednesday morning in the 5A and 5B classrooms! The students will be receiving more info tomorrow.

 Hopefully everyone will sleep well tonight. We have a great month of learning ahead😊! 

Easter blessings!

 Mrs. Mary E. Talevich and Mrs. Val Cervantes

Teachers, 5th grade, St. Louise School


Culminating Units and New Beginnings!

Tomorrow we have our final discussion groups on our two novels: Sounder and The Sign of the Beaver. Students will be given a study guide to prepare for the final test and directions for a final project which will also help in the final review.
The literature circle discussions have been thoughtful and show much understanding of the novels' themes: unlikely friendships, the power of family, and the salvation that education offers. They also open a window to see some roots of prejudice in our society and the importance of relationships between cultures as keys to understanding and unity.
The final test has been pushed to Friday, February 9, with a vocabulary test Thursday, February 8.
We have jut begun our StoryPath unit in social studies, living in family groups in Colonial Boston. We will be re-enacting events leading up to the American Revolution, the War for Independence from England. Students are researching by reading small trade books and recording information on a notecard according to directions handed out today. There are links and an interactive paper doll play activity to familiarize students with colonial clothing on the SS link page.
It has been a pleasure to celebrate Catholic Schools Week with my students! God has called us together to be a 5A family this year. Each of your children is important and special to our class. I thank God for the blessings of our students and our families, and I pray for all of a matter of fact, sharing faith and prayer is the BEST part of St. Louise!
Thank you for the little surprises this week: chocolates, flowers, Cheetos, coffee....spoiled teacher week!
May we enter February with open and loving hearts!
And may God bless and protect us!
Mary Talevich

Literature Circles

January 15, 2018

Good morning 5A families! It is windy in North Bend this morning, but beautiful. I hope you are all enjoying your 3-day weekend!

For the next month fifth graders will be studying one of two classic books in a literature format: Sounder or Sign of the Beaver. Your children have calendars in their binders (and attached to this email and on 5A website under curriculum), which show the assignments for the month, as well as vocabulary packets and “preparation sheets” for the literature circles. Our first lit circle meeting is Thursday. By that day, your child is to have read (at least once) the assigned chapters on the calendar and prepared for the circle meeting. While these books are short novels, they are full of dialog that is matched to the region and time of the novels, and so, extremely challenging. I have included links to audibles of both novels, which you may choose to download for your child, to aid comprehension. CDs are also available both from Amazon and from the library. Please ask you child about the stories. It might be a great idea to listen to her/him read portions of the book to you and summarize what was read. 


Thanks for all of your support!


Mrs. Mary E. Talevich

Teacher, 5A, St. Louise School


Advent Happenings in 5A!

November 28, 2017

Joyous Almost Advent! We are waiting patiently…..

Advent begins on Sunday, December 3, but we have begun to prepare our hearts for the Christ Child’s arrival, deepening our faith and love….


Dear Families: It is such a joy to teach in a Catholic school during the holy and joyful Advent season! Here are a few reminders of activities and learning goals over the next weeks.

Math: After a computation review test tomorrow, all math classes are studying chapter 5, long division with larger numbers. We will take our topic 5 test Thursday, Dec. 14. Online checkpoints are assigned with each lesson taught and will be due the day of the test.

Religion/Writing: Your children are beginning secret treasures featuring the nativity of Jesus. Meanwhile, we are continuing our look at the Church seasons….and praying for all of our friends and family. We are also praying and memorizing the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary.

Reading: We are reading nonfiction pieces on wildlife and habitat in our Anthology articles. We will have regular spelling tests from the Reader’s Notebook pages, as well as vocabulary and comprehension tests on Fridays until Christmas.

Social Studies: East meets West this week as we discuss the Columbian Exchange that forever changed the world! We will cover the fall of Tenochtitlan and the conquering of the Aztec Empire by the Spanish. We will take our test over chapter 6 on Thursday, December 7th.

Science: We will finish our Mixtures and Solutions Unit  and are reviewing all concepts. Students will have a test on Wednesday, Dec. 13.

Tidbits Tidbits Tidbits Tidbits Tidbits Tidbits

Buddy Stuffed-Santas: If you have an extra bag of wrapped candy or little tiny toys, pencils, hair clips, etc to stuff into our little buddy St. Nicholas ornaments, we would very much appreciate a donation to help us be St. Nicholas to our buddies. We are giving them to 2-A on December 6, St. Nicholas Day.

Candy Houses with Buddies: Your child will bring home a paper with her/his donation listed. (In the to-do side of the homework folder on Wednesday.) This item is due on Friday, Dec. 8.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary: Friday, Dec. 8th 9:00 AM. We will celebrate the wondrous miracle that Mary was conceived without sin to prepare her to be the mother of God’s son. She then spent her holy life fulfilling God’s will, saying yes to all that God asked of her. Come join us in song and prayer! Meet outside of the classroom at 8:40.

Advent Angels: Your child will be an secret Angel to a pal beginning Monday, Dec. 4th. More info coming!

Thanks again for all you do to support your child at St. Louise School. Things are going well, and the students are working diligently to honor their resolutions and goals set at conferences! We will remain focused and productive through this joyous and exciting season!

Blessings!!! Mary Talevich

Here is the super-duper 5A class of 2017-18! We've had a wonderful start to the year organizing our supplies, learning the class signals and expectations, and sharing summer experiences.  Learning and practicing the routines 
the first weeks are of paramount importance for a smooth year. Ask your child about our signal, what some of their classmates did this summer, playing bingo, and meeting our new classmate. We are building community! 
Looking forward to meeting you all again on Curriculum Night tomorrow night! 
Mrs. Talevich and 5A

Welcome to 5A, 2017-18!

Dear Parents and 2017/18 -5th Graders:

We are getting ready to meet you on Passport Day, September 5th and are very excited for the coming school year. On Wednesday, we want to fly right into 5th grade (check out our welcome board!), so we are asking you, students, to do a little pre-organizing. Please sort your supplies in the following way and bring them to 5A and 5B on Passport Day ready to put away.

1. Bring your Bible!

2. Organize at home and bring on Tuesday:
a. Put into your Pencil Box:
• 1 glue stick
• 2 blue or black pens
• 2 red pens
• 2 sharpened pencils
• 1 highlighter
• Scotch Tape
• Sharpie
• Scissors, write your name on the blade with sharpie
• 1 dry erase marker

b. Put into your Pencil Bag:
• 2 blue or black pens
• 2 red pens
• 2 sharpened pencils
• Calculator labeled with your name and classroom
• 1 glue stick
• 1 highlighter
• 1 dry erase marker
• USB drive labeled with your name.
• Put the pencil bag in your binder.

3. Label your crayons and markers with your name. We will label and organize binders, folders and notebooks later in the week, but bring them to Passport Day. We will collect the rest of your supplies to put in the class community stash to share, so don’t label them with your name.

Thanks so much for helping us stay organized and tidy this year.
Enjoy the last days of summer. The school year is going to be GREAT!

God bless you,

Mrs. Cervantes 5B and Mrs. Talevich 5A
Teachers, 5th Grade
St. Louise School
425-746-4220 A #5425 B #5424