Early Application Period for 2018-19 Admissions ends February 15, 2018.

St. Louise School


Welcome to Pre-K!
Pre-K Love Bugs!
 Jesus told us how to love,
L-O-V-E, love!
Love our neighbors as ourselves,
L-O-V-E, love.
With an L-O here and a V-E there,
here an L, there an O, 
everywhere a V-E.
Jesus told us how to love,
L-O-V-E, love!
February SLE:  A St. Louise student is a life-long learner who demonstrates a solid academic foundation while using problem-solving techniques, technology, critical thinking and study skills (2.1).

Recent Posts


The cubs dance to a silly song of opposites. What a great workout for our bodies AND brains!

This brain break is really hopping!

Raining during running recess? No problem! The cubs took their brain break undercover. Check out those hops!

Cubs' Choice: Parachute Play in the Wiggle Room!

The cubs worked hard to fill the warm fuzzy jar. They earned Cubs' Choice, and chose to play parachute games. It was tons of fun! Way to go, Pre-K!
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