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Book Fair


The 2018 Scholastic Book Fair was a huge success. Thank you to all the St. Louise families for your support and generosity in this fundraising event. The book fair brought in over $10,600! The St. Louise library will receive half of this total to purchase new books. What a great way to help keep our library current with up-to-date titles (from all genres) for the students to enjoy!


The success of this year’s book fair was due to all the amazing helpers who volunteered their time.  A big thank you goes to Veronique Tano, Anna Jung, Ruth Kerschbaumer, Carolyn Yepez, Angela Fernandez, Kristina Yumul-Abueg, Sharon Victor, Amy Manne, Michelle Kujath, Tina Tsao, Trinette Kuester, Alice Shaw, Marinell Zevenbergen, Gabriella Schmidt, and Jeannie Vahlsing.