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Sponsorship for the 2019-2020 school year is now open!

Thank you for your generous support of St. Louise School!


Last year, we launched a new Sponsorship program at St. Louise. In the past, we have sought out businesses and families to help underwrite the cost to put on the Auction in exchange for Sponsorship credit. For example, our signage would read, “Silent Auction, Sponsored by Dev9.” Now, in order to provide some additional value to our wonderful business and family Sponsors, we have created school-year-long packages which include not only sponsoring the Auction, but the Walk-A-Thon and Annual School Gift Campaign (ASGC) as well. These new sponsorship packages will also create innovative ways for you or your business to be highlighted throughout the greater St. Louise community.


As you can imagine, each of our major three fundraisers has a cost to putting them on. Sponsorship dollars are used to underwrite these costs so that more of the dollars raised by these events go directly to our school operational and enrichment programs. This new partnership with St. Louise School’s Development Office, the Auction, and the Parents’ Club strives to get 90% of all costs underwritten for the Auction, the Walk-A-Thon, and the ASGC.


You can impact this effort through your business, through matching donations from your business, or as an individual donor. There are six levels of sponsorship ranging from our $10,000 Charger Investor Sponsor to our Charger Underwriter’s Club at $750. See all the levels below. Please note how besides getting you or your business’s name visible during the operation of our three major school fundraisers, it will also be displayed in the gym, outside the gym doors, in the school lobby, on the school website, and in multiple publications.


We encourage you to reach out to your employers, business partners, businesses within and outside the parish, and family members to consider supporting St. Louise fundraising events with a School Sponsorship.


Please contact Julianne Read at, Nancy Tribolet at, for more information. 

With tremendous thanks and gratitude to all of our sponsors!
-The Zevenbergen Family-
-The Pierce Family-
-The Tribolet Family-
-The Ort Family-
-The Munar Family-
-The Sharp Family-
-The Woelfl Family-
-The Curran Family-
-The D'Costa Family-
-The Doggett Family-
-The McCulloch Family-
-The Kirby Family-