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WHO: Open to current St Louise 4th - 8th graders

 WHERE: St Louise – OT Room in the North wing 

 WHAT: Robotics - Intro to Programming and Mechanical Engineering
Learn Robotics, Programming and Mechanical Engineering concepts in a fun, hands-on, collaborative environment using LEGO Mindstorms! With instructor guidance, students will select a path below to pursue. Note, both groups will meet at the same time and place.


Group 1 – Instructor-led activities
With instructor-led lessons and hands-on activities, students will be working in a team of two on the following skills/activities:
• Initiation to programing with EV3
• Discovering of sensors
• Program and execute follow the line, obstacle avoidance techniques…


Group 2 – Independent work
Working in a team of two (with guidance from instructors) students will collaborate with their partner on the following activities:
• Robotic Arm Challenge – build and program a robotic arm and execute a challenge
• Work on past NFL Challenge + Run competition between groups
• Obstacle avoidance part 2 challenge
• Object pickup challenge
• Catapult challenge
PARENTAL SUPPORT: Volunteers welcome to help during each session


PARENT INSTRUCTORS: Ricardo Mendes and Juan Posada



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