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Facts about Bellevue

The city of Bellevue is located three miles east of Seattle, between Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish, and about ten miles west of the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Two busy interstate highways converge at Bellevue: I-90 links the city to the east-west interstate system and I-405 connects Bellevue with the north-south interstate system. While the downtown core has developed into a major business and retail center, the city sustains safe and comfortable family neighborhoods, high quality parks, public safety, and other services. 
The city’s resident population of almost 130,000 and daily workforce of about 125,000 make it Washington’s fifth-largest city. Bellevue is a prosperous, increasingly diverse city which has become a cultural crossroads, evolving from a “bedroom community” of middle class, white families when St. Louise Parish School first opened in 1961, into the economic and cultural hub of the Seattle-area’s Eastside with families representing diverse ethnicities and diverse socio-economic levels. The 2010 census showed that 40% of Bellevue's population are ethnic minorities, up from 28% percent 10 years earlier. By contrast, Seattle's ethnic minority population rose only slightly, from 32% to 34% from 2000 to 2010. Asians are by far the predominant ethnic minority group in Bellevue, representing almost 30% of Bellevue's population, the highest percentage of any city in Washington.
As a thriving central city encompassing an area of approximately 31 square miles, Bellevue is a major employment center within the Puget Sound region. Its employment base is expected to grow 30% over the next 20 years, resulting in an increase of 35,000 new jobs. Bellevue ranks second in the state in both retail sales and property values. Bellevue has a thriving business community anchored by quality retail businesses, banking, services and corporate headquarters offices. Bellevue is the metropolitan hub for leading high tech companies encompassing such sectors as software development, internet and network services, multi and digital media, and biotech. Its prestigious high-rise core provides office space for thousands of professionals. Bellevue is home to five of the top 25 largest public companies in Washington. Bellevue is also home to seven of the top 25 fastest-growing private companies in Washington. Often, immigrants move to Bellevue and the surrounding Eastside cities after they've arrived to work at Microsoft or other local tech companies.
Note: Most of the above figures were obtained from the 2010 Census and the City of Bellevue.