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St. Louise teaches the Six R's: the "traditional three", plus Religion, Respect and Responsibility. We seek to prepare our students for successful futures in and out of the classroom. In each subject, students not only learn content but also work on how to learn by utilizing study skills begun in the first grade. In doing so, we are promoting life-long learning.
St. Louise Parish School is state-certified and accredited by the Western Catholic Educational Association.
The St. Louise faculty consists of 45 men and women dedicated to Catholic education. The 29 teachers, all state-certified, continue their professional development through workshops, college course work, and in-services. St. Louise has specialists in math, reading, computer, library, physical education, music and art. Our teachers educate as a team, challenging, supporting, and calling forth the best from each other and our students. Read more about our teachers, and the curricula they teach, at their individual web pages under "CLASSROOMS" on the menu bar.
The maximum class size in grades K-8 is 26, with instructional assistants in primary grade classrooms. Our pre-kindergarten program has a maximum class size of 18, with up to two instructional assistants.
The collective efforts of the outstanding staff at St. Louise provide a foundation for students to achieve excellence, assume responsibility and develop traditional Catholic values and excellent moral judgment.