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Welcome to 5A!
          Fifth grade is an exciting time of life at St. Louise. 5A and its neighbor, 5B, are filled with students learning, serving, creating projects, praying and having lots of fun! Mrs. Talevich teaches the 5A homeroom classes of religion, reading, and language arts (spelling, grammar and writing) to her own class. 5A is also the social studies class for both fifth grades, while Mrs. Cervantes  teaches science to both fifth grades in the science lab.  In math, fifth graders are divided into three groups with Mrs. Bannick, our math specialist, teaching one-third of the combined fifth grade in her math room in the north wing. This ensures smaller class instruction for math. 5A sponsors a child, Kerry, who lives in a Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (NPH) orphanage in Nicaragua. Students contribute a small amount of money monthly for Kerry's support and write notes to him throughout the year. We also run an all-school Flavorful Friday Treat Sale one Friday a month to earn money for our major field trip of the year. We join our buddy class, 2-A, at least once a month for holiday art and creative activities. Our year of study culminates with several projects: History Maker Halls of Fame, an overnight at Pioneer Farm and participation in the all-school Science Showcase. It is a wonderful, action-packed year.
For specific curriculum information see the curriculum page.
Check out the photo albums to see fifth grade classes past and present in action.

Recent Posts

May Curriculum News

Dear Fifth Grade families:

Wow I can hardly believe it is nearing the end of a jam-packed 5th grade year! Here are some things that need attention this week;

First, We spent a great overnight at Pioneer Farm! The weather cooperated and our students truly showed their hardy pioneer spirits! Everyone ate well, played and worked hard, (slept fairly well😊) and the parents were a great support! I have posted photos of my half of the group, the Pioneers, on this website in Photo Albums. THANKS, PARENTS!

 This week brings a lot of exciting and interesting events and curriculum showcases!

 Social Studies: There will be a Social Studies test over chapter 12, the American Revolution on Thursday. We have completed a study guide in class which the students finished  this weekend. They will be able to use it for 10 minutes during the test. Parents can help in the study by quizzing the students on the studyguide info and on all of the vocabulary words that are on a sheet in their binders.

Following the test we will take a quick look at the our three-branch government and the US Constitution, where we began in September.

Has your child recited the preamble to the Declaration of Independence for you?

 Science: Finishing the Science Showcase presentations for Mrs. Cervantes and setting up for the Showcase Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Cervantes will send out more information later in the week!

 Religion: We are finally able to find a time when Mr. Fuerte is available  to team with us to teach Family Life, God’s Gift of Human Reproduction. Students will complete some homework that will entail parent discussion most evenings.

 Below is the schedule for family life. The central themes are the biological and emotional changes the children go through during puberty. We stress this as part of God’s plan for us and how much respect (and maybe a little respectful humor)  must be given to this normal part of our lives. Remember all of the boys join with Mr. Fuerte in 5B, and the girls are with both Mrs. Cervantes and Mrs. Talevich in 5A during these times.

Monday: 10:30 – 11:20. Own gender.

Tuesday: 2:00 - 3:00. Opposite gender.

Wednesday: 8:45 – 9:30 Human reproduction

Thursday: 8:40 – 9:25 or 11:20 – 12:00 Finish up, Q and As, Pass out tests, which are completed with parents help and signature and due on Tuesday, May 30. (maybe we won’t need the 4th day.)

Friday: Science Showcase! Watch for an email from Mrs. Cervantes!

Other tests coming up:

Wednesday: Reading test over Tucket's Travels, spelling and ELA Readers' Notebook pages, p. 306 - 311.

Friday: Math Test Talevich, chapter 13.

Enjoy a wonderful 3-day weekend with safe travels, if travel is in your family plans.


Mrs. T.


Mrs. Fujita Teaches 5A

April, 2017
Hi Families:
As you know, Mrs. Fujita will be subbing in 5th grade, A, the next 2 - 3 weeks. A couple of IMPORTANT things:
1. Pioneer Chaperone dinner is changed. It will be April 27th, Thursday at 5:30. Dinner will be provided. Chaperones will be receiving responsibilities and get an overview of the overnight. If you cannot make this new time, please email Mrs. Cervantes and Mrs. Talevich. We will assign you a job.
2. I have posted all hand-outs that Mrs. Fujita will give you on this website under extra hand-outs. Please do not ask her for a copy of something you lost, 5A! Just open and print your new copy: book log, report, StoryPath study guide, preparation pages for literature circles. If you do not have Word at home, it is your responsibility to print at school. You may use the class or computer lab computers at school.  Come in at recess or 10 minutes before the bell.
3. Be sure to turn in your Pioneer Farm permission slip and money, if you missed the Friday due date. That is also attached  in extra hand-outs, if you lost it.
4. Mrs. Cervantes will be telling you about another incredible field trip to Mercer Slough. 5th grade rocks so much in the Spring!
Thanks for prayers! 
 HAPPY 50 days of Easter. Jesus and His love live forever. LET'S TRY TO LOVE LIKE HE DOES!
Mrs. Talevich

A Very Big Week: Saints, Concerts, Free Dresses


Hi Families:

A couple of fun things coming up this week:


  • Mr. Richard Conces is our principal for Monday and he has given us free dress! Of course the regular free dress guidelines apply, no yoga pants or leggings without a “dress-type” top. No ripped jeans or violent logos. Monday homework will be extended and due on Wednesday! Maybe some other fun things will happen as well…and a lot of good school work!
  • Tuesday:
  • Buddy leprechaun trap-building on Tuesday morning. Students may bring some extra little trinkets to lure and trap, but not hurt the little critters: shiny, green papers, fabric, coins, stickers….. I will provide the Lucky Charm bait.
Wednesday, our Parish Patron Saint Mass on Wednesday. Come sit and pray with our buddies and us. Meet outside of the classroom at 8:45.
  • Winter Concert: Thursday afternoon (1:30) and Evening  with children arriving in the homerooms in uniforms without red sweater/fleece at 6:00 for 6:30PM conference. Please email Mrs. LB ASAP if you know your child will not be able to participate.


May God bless you during this second weekend of lent.

In Christ’s peace,

Mary T.

 Mrs. Mary E. Talevich

March News

Dear Families: The March newsletter was emailed this morning and posted on our newsletter page. Please open and read it to learn about the Winter Concert, our History Maker project and all of the activities that are filling our March weeks!
It would be great if you'd have your child log onto our Pearson and Journeys sites. A few students say they cannot log-on at home, but when I log-on with them at school, there is no trouble. On the Pearson site, when accessing online assignments, you may have to adjust the calendar at the top of the page to include March!
We pray for the intentions of your families daily and wish you a holy, quiet  and Spirit-filled Lent!
God bless you,
Mary Talevich

Happy Catholic Schools Week and February News!

Hi 5A Families:


The latest edition of the 5A Files highlighting our learning activities for February was emailed to you and is posted on this website in newsletters. As items are added to our agenda, I will send short email updates. Thanks for printing the last page for your child to fill out as a self-assessment. Please discuss the assessment with your child and sign it. It is due Wednesday, and is graded as a participation grade in Religion. Remember free dress tomorrow, if your child attended one of the Catholic Schools Masses at the parish, and pizza lunch is provided to thank your children for their patrol service.


As we step into Catholic Schools Week, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for sending your children to our St. Louise School. It is my privilege each day to greet your children at the door and hear their happy hellos. We have been building a supportive classroom community, always aware that each of us is God’s child, cared for and supported by Him each moment. A highpoint of my day is praying with your children! Their prayers are heartfelt and true. What a very special thing it is that your children not only study and play together, they pray and worship our God together. Your children remind me if we have not taken time for intentions or if our schedule does not include First Friday Adoration, so important are these aspects of faith-sharing to your children. This is what makes our school special. Period.


Thanks for all you do to support your child: checking homework, sending them to school well-prepared with a good sleep, a healthy lunch and lots of love. That makes teaching the 4 R’s (Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, and Religion) so much easier!  


Please continue to pray for our school, our class, and all of our students and teachers, that we may continue to discern God’s plan for each of us and help each other follow Him, where our hearts find peace.  


In Christ’s peace,

Mrs. T.

Mrs. Mary E. Talevich

January Wishes and Goals

Dear 5A Families:
May you be blessed in the new year, 2017, and we may be blessings to each other. I am happy to be back with the 5A family. We had a great, calm and productive day on Tuesday, January 3, 2017! Our theme for the month is to be "stars" for each other, leading to the good....which is ultimately God's plan for us!
We went over a few routine reminders and I would love you to reinforce them with your children.
1. Late work is a problem for some of our students. Mrs. Cervantes, Mrs. Bannick and I will continue to enforce the 50% reduction for work a day late, unless there is an absence. The work after two days late is recorded as a 0. This includes online math assignments. Remember the computer room or 5A class computers are available for students to use before and after school and in the classroom, during most recesses. These assignments will resume next week. Please initial the planners in January. If something special comes up, remind your child that he/she has coupons for a few missed assignments.
2. Standards for written work: We are reviewing them in class. Full names, number, date and formal heading are required for all papers. Point reduction is taken for not following the standards. Papers are a reflection of the student. Let's strive for professional work.
Thanks for all of your support and your prayers for all of us in 5A. I love partnering with you and am always available for conference check-ins before or after school most days.
In Christ's Joy,
Mrs. T.

December Newsletter and Advent Prayer

Dear  5A Families:
Wow! As we just take a breath and reflect on our Thanksgiving family gatherings, Advent is upon us! This holy season begins tomorrow as we prepare for our Savior to come more deeply into our hearts at Christmas. Please read the 5A newsletter for December posted on the newsletter link and sent in your email. It contains many due dates, dates for little projects and suggestions for contributions for our Advent activities. There is also a little family assignment to begin to help us prepare our hearts and minds to celebrate Christ’s amazing birth….our God coming into our world as one of us, in the Incarnation.

You may print the last page of this letter to get a jump-start on the assignment; however your child will bring home a hard copy on Monday. I have also posted a copy on Newsletters link on this 5A website.

Thanks for your wonderful support of your children during the conferences and always!

May God bless you with peace and safely through the rest of the weekend.

In Christ’s peace.
Mary Talevich
Mrs. Mary E. Talevich
God of hope
be with us in our Advent journey
to the stable and beyond,
be with us in our meeting
and in our travelling together,
be with us in our worship
and our praying together,
be with us in our Advent journey
to the stable and beyond,
our God of hope.

Read more at:
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution


Month of Thanksgiving, Saints and Souls

Dear Families:
Your child will be bringing home a copy of the Prayer of the Faithful Departed along with a holy card template on which s/he will write the names of loved ones who have passed away. We will be praying in thanksgiving for the departed person, for their family members here on earth, and for their safe journey to God's arms. Thanks for helping your child remember and record names of people who have been important to your families and have passed away. (No pets this time.:)
Tomorrow is the Feast of All Saints. I hope many of you can join us at Mass at 9:00AM on  this holy feast day to celebrate with the Communion of Saints in our praise of God! Wednesday is the feast of All Souls Day, a day to remember and give thanks for our dearly and faithful departed.
Tuesday afternoon we are graced to have Abby Dark's mom's friend speak to us of her meeting St.Teresa of Calcutta. This is such a great continuation of our work with our Mass of the Holy Spirit which featured Mother Teresa as one who followed her call from the Lord despite many obstacles.
November is a faith-rich month in many ways!
A new book log will be coming home tomorrow, as well.
In gratitude for the many ways you support your child! This is what makes St. Louise the best place to work, EVER!
God bless you!
Mrs. Talevich

President and First Lady Trading Cards

Please check out the new links on the Social Studies link page to research your president or first lady. This will help us prepare for our field trip to enjoy Rock the Presidents! They do rock!!

Photos and Math:)!

Dear Parents and 5A students: I hope you had a lovely 4 day weekend! We are going to have a great short week filled with learning!

I have posted several pictures on the 5A website of our service at the Mass of the Holy Spirit and of our walkathon: two really great September events. Album: Fall Happenings 2016.
For Mrs. T’s math: I have posted three checkpoints to complete online each evening this week. Just log on, complete and don’t forget to submit!! These are graded so don’t skip them. The first is due Wednesday.

Also remember we have morning math for those students who wish to start the week with ROCKING math. Some of my students need practice on multiplying with partial products and all of us need practice on the multi-step problems of all types. They are so much fun and so challenging!

So see you at math in the morning at 7:45 AM if you can make it!
Blessings upon you!  Mrs. T.
Mrs. Mary E. Talevich
Teacher, 5A, St. Louise School

Helpful SS Links Added!

Go to the Links page and find Social Studies. There are two new songs that are really fun ways to practice the states and capitals! Remember to play with any US map games, puzzles and cards that you have. Complete the packet.: one page by Tuesday...then a page a day until the test on 10/4.  . You will soon be a USA state and capital expert.


Hi 5A Families: I totally forgot to remind the kids of CRAZY sock day tomorrow. Go for it, 5A! Just be sure you can function in class and at our last rehearsal for our mass leadership. You need go be able to wear your school shoes over your socks. :)!

A couple of other things:
1. We are committed to a calm ending of the day to pack up carefully and copy assignments word for word. We had too hectic of an ending yesterday. Today was GREAT!
2. Please sign your child’s self -assessment which is on the back of the newsletter, if you did not do so yesterday. I emailed you newsletters so I don’t think you need to keep your child’s. We are setting goals for learning, behavior and organization, this month, so please guide your child to choose a specific and attainable goal that would benefit him/her.
Hope to see you all Thursday at the Mass of the Holy Spirit,9:00 AM  and Friday at the Walkathon. Thanks for getting your pledges in via the SL website.

Mrs. T.

Thanks for Coming to CN Last Night

Dear Parents: We have three items to add to curriculum night notes:
1. Please check your email this weekend to find out your child's Patrol commitment for the year. Mr. Fuerte and Mr. Evans worked extra hard to make the schedule with few families choosing mornings.... so sorry for the short notice! Some children begin next week!
2. Each family needs to send in one case (24 cans of soda) to start up our Flavorful Friday Fund raiser for our trip to Pioneer Farm in May.
3. Morning math on Tuesdays will start up October 4th in 5A for my math students: 7:45 - 8:10.
Have a peaceful weekend.
Loving 5A students!

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